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Industry Article / May 12, 2021

Automation World Examines the Idea of Combining MES and SCADA

Ignition Discussed in Project by System Integrator

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Industry Article / May 7, 2021

Automation World Features Ignition Onboard with Opto 22

groov EPIC and RIO Controllers Arrive with Ignition Pre-Installed

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Industry Article / May 4, 2021

Smart Industry Shows Companies Helping Engineering Students Learn

Ignition is Part of Project for University of Waterloo

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Industry Article / April 29, 2021

Processing Magazine Features Ignition Project

Digital Transformation for 1,000 Wells Producing Oil and Natural Gas

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Industry Article / April 13, 2021

ARC Advisory Group Interviews Exec from Inductive Automation

Chief Strategy Officer Discusses Digital Transformation

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Industry Article / April 6, 2021

Plant Services Magazine Features Ignition Perspective

Article Discusses New Technologies for Better Control

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Industry Article / March 10, 2021 Describes Advantages of MQTT

Opto 22 Devices Include Ignition Edge, Support MQTT

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Industry Article / Feb. 9, 2021 Highlights Inductive Automation

Ignition Empowers Users

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Industry Article / Feb. 2, 2021

Industrial Ethernet Book Reports on Ignition Project for Oil & Gas

Several Technologies Deployed for Best-in-Class Solution

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Industry Article / Jan. 29, 2021

ProFood World Covers Digital Transformation, Highlights Ignition Project at Chobani

Also Mentions Capabilities of Ignition Perspective

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