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Industry Article / Sept. 28, 2022

Can SCADA/HMI Software Be Enterprise Software?

On its own, the answer is clearly “no.” But when SCADA/HMI is the core of the platform, as it is with Ignition, Inductive Automation is demonstrating how the software can be used to connect IT and operations technology across the enterprise.

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Industry Article / Sept. 8, 2022

Modernizing SCADA vessel control systems with Ignition

Setting out to make better use of data and workflows in the remote, a maritime company adopts data-driven technology.

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Industry Article / April 7, 2022

Co-Inventor of MQTT Describes Easier Way to Do IIoT

Expert from Inductive Automation Comments on Some of the Key Elements Needed

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Industry Article / March 8, 2022

Control Engineering Quotes Expert from Inductive Automation on How Edge Computing Enables Industry 4.0

Case Studies Highlight Benefits of Edge Computing

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Industry Article / Feb. 25, 2022

Automation World Reports on the Many Benefits of MQTT

Quotes from Inductive Automation Expert, Plus the Two Co-Creators of MQTT

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Industry Article / Feb. 2, 2022

Food Engineering Quotes Expert from Inductive Automation on Software Ease of Use

Software Upgrades Should Include Smooth Transitions

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Industry Article / Jan. 25, 2022

Automation World Quotes Inductive Automation Expert on Skills Gap in Workforce

Now is the Time to Deal with Issues on Both the OT and IT Sides

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Industry Article / Dec. 16, 2021

Project at Chinese Factory Highlighted by Smart Industry

For Atlas Copco, Ignition Brought Improved Efficiency, Less Paperwork, Lower Costs

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Industry Article / Dec. 13, 2021

Food Engineering Highlights New Plant from Global Beverage Leader

Diageo Uses Ignition in its Carbon-Neutral Distillery

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Industry Article / Dec. 13, 2021

Control Engineering Details Large Project on Short Timeline

Combining Industrial and Laboratory Automation Amidst Constantly Changing Requirements

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