CarbonLITE Closes Gaps in a PET Recycling Facility

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Project Overview

CarbonLITE opened its 220,000-square-foot, bottle-to-bottle PET recycling facility in Riverside, California, in 2012. It incorporates packaged systems from more than 10 different manufacturers, each of which used different PLCs, different local HMIs, and different communication protocols. Trimax provided the controls for one of the packaged systems and displayed the process in Ignition on a local industrial PC.

In the opening months of the Riverside facility, the operations staff was greatly augmented to make up for the lack of centralized control and monitoring. Operators would communicate over radio to other areas of the building to have other operators relay data from a remote display on another process. The operation of the system was automated, but the visibility and ease of use were never implemented.

Trimax and several other vendors recommended that CarbonLITE install a SCADA system to maximize the productivity and efficiency of the plant. Many softwares were considered, but CarbonLITE had already been swayed to Ignition after using the software in one area of its plant. Trimax received the contract to integrate all the various processes, devices, communication protocols, and plant information into one SCADA system. Trimax successfully completed the system and delivered a solution that is used by the plant floor, office personnel, and corporate executives. CarbonLITE consistently uses the system for monitoring, trending, remote access, alarm notification, and troubleshooting.

The next objective is to integrate downtime, OEE, and possibly track-and-trace features into the system. CarbonLite would greatly benefit from these proposed upgrades.



By using templates, Trimax was able to tackle this large project in a relatively short amount of time.



An overview of the entire plant, which is about the size of four football fields.
With Ignition’s trending capabilities, CarbonLITE can easily and effectively keep track of all data.

Project Information

Created By:   Trimax Systems

Trimax Systems has 31 years of industry-leading systems integration experience in a variety of fields. Trimax has programmed the pumping of liquid nitrogen, mission-critical processes, systems controlling billions of dollars worth of equipment, and systems that lives depend upon. Companies across the United States and all over the world have hired Trimax for its programming abilities and track record of successfully completing projects.

Project For:   CarbonLite

CarbonLITE was founded by plastics stalwarts Leon Farahnik and Neville Browne. CarbonLITE’s 220,000 s.f., bottle-to-bottle PET recycling plant in Riverside, California, processes more than two billion plastic bottles annually. CarbonLITE is founded on the philosophy of bottle-to-bottle recycling. In essence, its system converts used plastic bottles made of PET back into plastic resin, which is then used to make entirely new bottles. The company runs a genuine closed-loop system that allows for sustainable consumption because resources are reused without degrading the environment.

Posted on September 1, 2014