Reinventing the SCADA User Experience

63 min video  /  1 minute read

About this Webinar

For years, many users and system integrators have felt limited by SCADA technology. The problem is that what most people think of as current SCADA technology is actually decades-old. The lack of technological progress in SCADA is more than frustrating; it’s a real threat to SCADA users’ ongoing ability to compete.

SCADA software from the late 20th-century will no longer suffice: today’s enterprises need a new, cross-platform SCADA solution that’s made for the 21st century.

The good news is that The New SCADA already exists. In this webinar, find out why The New SCADA is improving automation in many industries and helping many professionals enjoy their work as never before.

Learn 7 benefits of The New SCADA experience, such as:

  • How cross-platform SCADA bypasses problems caused by the Windows XP end-of-service
  • Why a modular SCADA system will scale with you
  • How to easily work with databases
  • How to unlock the real value of real-time data
  • And much more!


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Posted on June 19, 2014