4 Keys to Removing Friction in Your Industrial Organization

Overcome Obstacles and Increase Results with Unlimited SCADA

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About this Webinar

When you work in an industrial organization such as a public utility or a manufacturing company, you have to deal with many sources of friction that slow you down and keep you from reaching the next level of efficiency: outdated SCADA systems, proprietary technology, restrictive licensing, expensive upgrades, and steep learning curves – just to name a few.

In this webinar, experienced professionals from the water/waste water and plastics industries discuss how they've been able to remove friction from their processes. Learn about a software platform built on modern technologies, unlimited licensing, a business approach that empowers users, and an ethical commitment to its user community.

Discover how these combined elements remove operational friction by:

• Exponentially decreasing the time it takes to get the data you need
• Giving engineers freedom to develop systems without licensing obstacles such as limited tags or clients
• Enabling new users to quickly learn the software and begin developing applications
• Facilitating solutions that OT and IT can agree on
• And more!


Posted on January 25, 2017