What the Heck is Ignition?

Yes, that's a serious question.


I have a question for you: What the heck is Ignition?

Yes, that's a serious question. I promise.

Because Ignition helps many people do many different things, it's a challenge to communicate its breadth in just a few words or a brief sentence without shortchanging its capabilities.

A tricky question for sure, but it's not a trick question because there's no right or wrong answer. Besides a chance to talk about your fave industrial tool (Ignition, of course), this is an opportunity to engage with industry colleagues. More on that later.


And So Much More


... And So Much More

You'll notice we sometimes include the phrase "and so much more" after using technical terms like HMI and IIoT, or phrases like The New SCADA and Industrial Application Platform. That's because we want you to understand Ignition is not limited to what one person or company says it is or does.

So we’re setting out on a quest to better define our flagship product. I believe this quest is best suited for the Ignition community, a group that's like family to me. (Queue those Vin Diesel memes from the Fast & Furious saga.) You're the reason why we do what we do (our raison d'être, if you will), and I can think of nobody better to explain what Ignition is, and what it means to people.


Generally Speaking


Generally Speaking

Ever since Inductive Automation first developed and released Ignition, people have tried to put labels on it. Myself included.

Look, we could easily slap a title of “general use platform” on Ignition and call it a day, right? People configure Ignition to do things like manage airport baggage, monitor power for wind farm turbines, and a host of other things in between those real-life projects. So the label fits.

But here's the rub: "Anything" is a vague and intangible generalization, and Ignition is not a mythical creature. It’s a real tool enabling real people to solve real problems and achieve real goals. What’s the fun in boring generalizations?

So here we are, back where we started. Kevin and I kicked around some ideas, and naturally we were going to write another song about Ignition. But our drummer was on vacay, so we pivoted to this thought experiment.


Where You Come In


Here’s Where You Come In

Okay, so we decided to turn to the experts for this. (Psst. That’s you!) You are the ones who leverage Ignition in the field. It's also likely you had to explain it to a company board or executives for approval to adopt into your operations.

You have first-hand experience with Ignition, which means you've got some stories. People love stories, and collectively your use cases are the perfect platform for telling the story of Ignition.


Join the Conversation


How To Join The Conversation

Consider this your personal invitation from me to join the conversation online.

Log on to the social media platform of your choice (can be your personal Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) and share your best-written description of Ignition. Nothing too fancy or formal, just write what comes naturally to explain how you use Ignition and what it means to your company or operations — and be sure to include the hashtag #WhatTheHeckisIgnition in your post!

Tip: You don't have to share a photo or video showcasing how you're winning with Ignition, but you'd be a lot cooler if you did.

Additionally, your post could be featured on Inductive Automation's social media accounts:

So be aware we might inadvertently blow your cover if you’re hiding from someone.

And lastly, be sure to hop on over to this Ignition walls.io page to see what everyone is saying. Join the conversation!

Travis Cox
Chief Technology Evangelist / Inductive Automation
Travis Cox started with Inductive Automation in 2004 and previously served in leadership roles in various divisions including Co-Director of Sales Engineering. In his current role as Chief Technology Evangelist, Travis builds relationships with industrial professionals to foster innovation and raise awareness of industry trends, modern technologies, open standards, and the many possibilities of the Ignition platform. Travis shares the company’s vision far and wide to increase the growth and reach of the global Ignition community. He shares his message through a variety of formats, including presenting at conferences and events, meetings with customers and industry leaders, and media interviews.
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