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  • Aerospace
  • Agriculture
  • Appliances / Furniture
  • Automotive
  • Building Materials
  • Chemical Compounds / Resins
  • Consumer Packaged Goods
  • Educational
  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Entertainment
  • Fibers & Textiles
  • Food & Beverage
  • Forest Products

Water/Waste Water

Municipal Water District Goes All-In with Ignition Watch St. Lucie West Services District transition to a full Ignition SCADA system and see the difference it's made one year later.
Another Water District Goes 100% Ignition Olivenhain Municipal Water District renewed their SCADA platform with the power of Ignition.
"Olivenhain Municipal Water District is a 100% Ignition client and we’re happy to be one." David Smith
Olivenhain Municipal Water District
Ignition Gets Data Flowing for Water District Ignition Gets Data  Flowing for Water District Western Municipal Water District replaced their full SCADA system using Ignition.
Three Water Districts Transformed Three Water  Districts Transformed Read how three water districts improved their facility operations using Inductive Automation software.
Ignition Saves City of Hot Springs
Several Million Dollars
Brown Engineers' award-winning project saved the city of Hot Springs, Arkansas, millions.
Ignition Gets It Done for Electric, Water, and Sewer
Clarksville Light & Water Sees Versatility of Software
""We’ve been very pleased with Ignition. We really like that we can use it for all three utilities.”" John Lester
General Manager, Clarksville Light & Water
Water Agency Welcomes the Future with Ignition Water Agency Welcomes the Future with Ignition Aguas de Saltillo Develops Cost-Effective Applications
"“Ignition is not just SCADA. It’s a platform for Industry 4.0. It’s much more than SCADA, and that’s what we need today.”" Juan Diego Bravo
Process Engineer, Aguas de Saltillo
Arkansas Utility Leverages Ignition to Work Better and Faster
Early Success Leads to Greater Use of Ignition HMI/SCADA
Utility Deploys Ignition for SCADA and Much More
10 Active Projects, with More on the Way
Ignition Increases Flexibility, Lowers Costs for Two Water Utilities
Improved Data Visibility, Reporting, Energy Usage, and More

Oil & Gas

Refining the Crude Oil Process with Ignition Enerchem International Inc. is a leader in the production and distribution of hydrocarbon drilling and fracturing fluids.
"With real-time remote access and trending capabilities, the overall efficiency of the yield of the product as compared to the crude we consume is much better. Ignition has been an economical and profitable system for us." Kevin Bouchard
Enerchem International Inc.
Large-Scale SCADA,
Small-Scale Cost
Large-Scale SCADA, <br />Small-Scale Cost An oil and gas company chose Ignition for its ease of set-up and hassle-free licensing to build out a large-scale SCADA system.
"Ignition helped us win the bid and get the job done because of its solid web-based architecture, its simple pricing model, and the great technical support." Albert Lambert
Web Automation Architect, Failsafe Controls
Tracking System Helps
Keep Lone Workers Safe
Tracking System Helps <br />Keep Lone Workers Safe KSB Industrial Services created a tracking system to help keep lone workers safe.
Ignition Delivers Performance
& Reliability on Linux
Ignition Delivers Performance <br />& Reliability on Linux Integrator Kyle Chase explains why cross-platform software is important in the SCADA arena.
Remote Wellsite Monitoring and Management Remote Wellsite Monitoring and Management To improve oil production operations, Pantera Energy Company implemented a system that integrates Kepware’s KEPServerEX with Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform.
Ashley Automation Boosts Efficiency Automatic SWD Reporting with Ignition
Rapid Development for Natural Gas Utility Tactical Controls LLC Bring Balance to Control Operations

Food and Beverage

Ignition Brings Data Together for Grain Facility Mid Kansas Cooperative uses Ignition to capture data and make smarter decisions for business intelligence.
Ignition System Meets All User Requests Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.'s IT department found Ignition software easy to configure and uses it for its entire facility.
"Prior to Ignition, data was communicated through whiteboards throughout the plant. Now with Ignition, we can communicate with a click of the mouse, from one area of the brewery to another area of the brewery, without somebody walking around the plant." Jonathan Swisher
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.
Automated Data
Tracking Saves Time
Automated Data <br />Tracking Saves Time Kasa Industrial Controls converted a food processing plant from hand-recorded tracking to real-time data collection with Ignition.
Weaving It All Together
With Web Technology
Weaving It All Together <br />With Web Technology Bronco Wine Company uses Inductive Automation software for enterprise-wide process monitoring and control.
Fine-Grained Precision Inductive Automation software is used to automate a grain handling facility in Nebraska.
Largest Cherry Production Line in the World Thrives on Ignition
Overhaul Brings 50-Percent Increase in Production
"“We were able to leverage that Ignition server that we’d already paid for. So it was a great HMI solution that fit our production needs perfectly.”" Tom Augello
Production Manager, Prima Frutta
Two Plants, One Solution Two Plants, One Solution Both Places See Much More Data with Ignition — and Plan to See More
Agricultural Cooperative Solves Automation Problems with Ignition
Eleven Key Issues Resolved
Brewery Improves Efficiency in Multiple Areas with Ignition
Stone Brewing Uses Ignition for SCADA, MES, Historical Analysis, and More
Ignition Aids Major Growth for Food-Industry Leader
SugarCreek Leverages Software for Continuous Improvement and OT-IT Convergence
Early Success with Ignition Leads to Expanded Role
Food Producer Using Software Throughout Facility
World’s Largest Yogurt Plant Thrives on Ignition
Chobani Sees Multiple Benefits from Unique Software


A Can-Do OEE Solution A Can-Do OEE Solution Read how Roeslein & Associates, Inc., used Ignition to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) at four canning plants.
Users Get
Access Everywhere
Users Get <br />Access Everywhere Connell Industries is an example of how users are getting web-based freedom, unlimited scalability and unrivaled technical support.
"Licensing issues are non-existent and there is great flexibility to 'grow' the application as the customer's demands evolve and become more elaborate once they see the benefits of the system." Vincent DiGangi
President, Connell Industries, Inc.
Developing Dynamic Material Management in Ignition ECS Eliminates Challenges for Large Packaged Foods Company


Ignition Gives New Chemical Plant Room to Grow Baze Chemical called upon Coherent Technologies to develop a SCADA system that could fit and grow with the needs of the new ethoxylation plant.
"Ignition offered a platform-independent system, and that was a big plus for the long-term sustainability." Timothy Triplett
Coherent Technologies, Inc.


Making Roadways Safer With Ignition A leading-edge automation company develops an intersection warning system that ultimately reduces the risk of lethal or serious accidents by 50%.
"We were able to rebuild the project in Ignition... It significantly reduced the hardware cost, licensing cost, and development time." Andrew Carpenter
Integrated Automation Ltd.
Clearing for Take-Off with Ignition Global Ground, a manufacturer of airline ground-support equipment, looked to Ignition to improve their overall operations, effectiveness and efficiency.
"There were capabilities of Ignition that would allow me to build a project that was better than what I was hoping for" Jeffrey Walsh
Executive Vice President, Worldwide Sales, Service & Marketing at Global Ground Support
Safer Roadways with Active Warning System Analyzing Traffic Data and Reducing Injuries with RIAWS

Building Automation

Ignition Proves Effectiveness of Energy-Saving Systems Enermix provides a free service that uses Ignition to make sure its customers are getting the most out of their building’s heating system.
Jail Enhances Security Network with Ignition Using Ignition, Mendocino County Jail monitors and controls cameras, locks, and doors to keep its officers and inmates safe.
"I've used almost every major HMI package that's out there and I decided that I wanted to pick what I thought would be a winner, and I feel strongly that I picked the right product with Ignition." John Pegram


Unifying Data From Six Different Divisions See how this Ignition installation grew from a small project to a plant-wide data collection and reporting system with over 100 clients and 10K data points.
Moving a Legacy System Over to Ignition Overbridge Technology migrates a legacy SCADA system to Ignition for Missouri-based cement plant Continental Cement.
"Whenever we look at a project with Ignition, we really look at it without boundaries. The ability of Ignition to go off into the database, and for us to write code, to write scripts, to actually create the tool that was needed for this project, is why we use Ignition." Mark Daugherty
Overbridge Technology
Building Materials Facility Goes 3D with Ignition LafargeHolcim Utilizes JavaFX for CAD Application

Lumber Industry

Software Helps in Forecasting
Sales and Production
Software Helps in Forecasting <br>Sales and Production Hampton Lumber Mills regained their competitive advantage and expanded in ways not previously possible.
"It used to be you had to make a gut decision. Now we can back those decisions up with actual statistics. Using Inductive Automation software, anyone in the company can look at the projects and pull up that trend and see what that data looks like and make decisions. It also prevents having to answer the same questions repeatedly as conditions change over time." Jason Conolly
Electrical and Controls Engineer
Andritz Automation Builds a Full-Fledged Virtual Plant Pulp Mill Simulation Trains Operators for a Fraction of the Cost


ILS Automation ILS Automation provides a solution, referred to as Batch Expert+, designed for laboratories that perform experiments to develop and understand biological processes.
"When we were looking for a new platform, our first criteria was a platform where we could customize and have access to a software development kit, or SDK. Out of the other platforms we looked at, Inductive Automation was the only one who actively promoted and really embraced the idea that customers would want something open and more flexible." Pete Hassler
ILS Automation


Harnessing Wind Power X-Wind Power Limited is designing 80 kW vertical axis wind turbines and when deployed there will be an Ignition cloud-based SCADA system.
Large Data Center, Manageable System When AIS needed a centralized monitoring system for its flagship data center, Ignition was the answer.
"It really seemed too good to be true: to have a package, an industrial-strength package, with all the tools needed for the project at a price point that is attractive not only for the initial setup but for ongoing support." Dee Brown
Brown Engineers, LLC
Ignition Brings Control, Flexibility to Energy Management Software With energy consumption a major concern, companies rely heavily on third-party companies like Cofely to keep their energy usage and costs at efficient levels.
Solar-Power Provider Improves Integration, Data Analysis, and Reporting
Powerful Software Also Provides Faster Development


Perfecting the Recycling Process with Ignition A leading recycling company chose to work with a group of highly skilled integrators to develop a solution based on Ignition.
"Whenever we get to choose the software we're going to use, it's definitely Ignition. It's perfect for anything we do." Bryan Riley
Engineer, Trimax Systems

System Integration

600 Plant Managers & Experts Unified Through Ignition Linking Plant Data, Management Data & People Worldwide
Modern & Intuitive User Interface for Hospital in Italy Fire Detection System for General Hospital
Unlimited History & Expandable SCADA Tamaki Gives Total Control with Plant Replay System
World Leader in Aerial Work Platforms Expands on Ignition
JLG Industries Always Doing More with Software