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Download the Ignition Demo Project

Grab a copy of the Ignition Demo Project as a gateway backup or as a VMWare Image

Here you can download a copy of the Ignition Demo Project gateway backup file. For advanced users, we also have available a pre-configured Ubuntu Linux VMWare image complete with a pre-installed Ignition Demo Project.

Ignition Demo Project Gateway Backup - 34 MB

Includes everything you need to install the Ignition Demo Project on your own computer. Requires Ignition v7.9.0+.

Ignition Demo Project VMWare Image - 4.9GB

This download is a VMWare virtual machine image which includes Ignition v7.9 and a copy of the Ignition Demo project, all pre-configured and ready to go.

The username/password for the Ubuntu user is:
Username: ignition
Password: ignition

Note: This VM image was built using VMWare version 9 which supports ESXi 5.1+, Fusion 5.x+, Workstation 9.x+, and Player 5.x+. More information can be found here.