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Ignition Extras

Download the Ignition demo project or other extras

Ignition Demo Project

Here you can download a copy of the Ignition Demo Project gateway backup file. For advanced users, we also have available a pre-configured Ubuntu Linux VMWare image complete with a pre-installed Ignition Demo Project.

Gateway Backup

Includes everything you need to install the Ignition Demo Project on your own computer. Requires Ignition v7.9.0+.

VMWare Image

This download is a VMWare virtual machine image which includes Ignition v7.9 and a copy of the Ignition Demo project, all pre-configured and ready to go.

The username/password for the Ubuntu user is:
Username: ignition
Password: ignition

Note: This VM image was built using VMWare version 9 which supports ESXi 5.1+, Fusion 5.x+, Workstation 9.x+, and Player 5.x+. More information can be found here.

Download Extras

Here you can download an assortment of extras, from new components up to complete projects.

Design Like a Pro Series

A skeleton project you can start from that is optimized for a mobile device such as the iPhone.

Success isn’t something that just happens, it has to be planned. Before successfully designing your HMI / SCADA project you need to plan it out. Here is a checklist to help you through the planning phase of HMI / SCADA project development.

Before you can successfully design your project you have to define what it’s going to be. Here are some questions that you need to answer in order to define your HMI / SCADA project.

Includes Widgets Unlimited Ignition backup, feedback window, audit log window, and more.


Dynamically add and remove pens from the Easy Chart Component

Editable table component adds basic database table editability to the built-in table's editing feature.

Provides a way to edit SQLTags alarms in runtime.

Insert Google Static Maps into Ignition

Demo project showcasing the features of Ignition: realtime status & control, historical trending, UDTs & templates, reporting, alerting, security, and more. Includes OEE and SPC sample projects.

A demo project for the SECS/GEM driver.

A configuration template for the Raven XE.

A PDF setup file for using the template with the Raven XE.

A PDF file for general setup of the Raven XE.

A configuration template for the LS300.

A PDF setup file for using the template with the LS300.

A PDF file for general setup of the LS300.

Modbus Templates

Models Automation Direct's DL240 Processor

Models Automation Direct's DL250 Processor