11/11/2015 9:00AM - 11/11/2015 10:00AM


Learn how to more easily and quickly create top-quality, information-rich reports that provide greater value to the organization in this latest webinar in the Design Like a Pro series. Just as previous webinars in the series shared practical principles of project development, alarming, HMI optimization, SQL databases, and other topics, this webinar will give you techniques for building better reports. Specifically, expert HMI/SCADA project developer Travis Cox will focus on the fundamental tasks of querying data, structuring data, and delivering reports.

Learn how to:

• Build a single report that can be delivered manually or automatically, by using parameters.
• Make a continuous table out of multiple data sources.
• Gather related data from different sources in parent-child tables, i.e., nesting.
• Schedule reports that run at the same time every day.
• Set up reports that are triggered by events.
• Plus, get helpful answers to questions about reporting.

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