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The Universal Industrial Application Platform

Ignition is the world’s first truly universal industrial application platform because it empowers you to connect all of the data across your entire enterprise, rapidly develop any type of industrial automation system, and scale your system in any way, without limits. See the amazing features that make Ignition the first and only universal Industrial Application Platform.

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video Ignition Community Live

Ignition Community Live with Otorio

Operational Resilience Management (ORM) is a holistic approach to industrial cybersecurity - from the identification of potential risks through evaluating their possible impact, to implementing mitigation controls. Incorporating digital and physical risks, ORM better ensures operational resilience and business continuity.

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webinar | October 29, 2020

Design Like a Pro: Developing & Deploying Perspective Applications as HMIs

Since its release in 2019, Ignition Perspective®️ has enabled users to quickly design first-rate, mobile-responsive industrial applications and launch them on mobile devices and web browsers. Now, the new Perspective Workstation feature also makes it possible to quickly launch native Perspective applications on workstations, HMIs, desktops, and multi-monitor setups without needing a third-party web browser.

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video Ignition Community Live

Ignition Community Live with Travis and Kevin

Join us for a special edition of Ignition Community Live featuring Inductive Automation's Co-Directors of Sales Engineering, Travis Cox and Kevin McClusky. Travis and Kevin will expertly guide you through a lengthy and detailed demo of the most polished and powerful version of Ignition ever: the soon-to-be-released Ignition 8.1! You’ll get to see 8.1’s stunning new features in action, including Perspective Workstation, Perspective Symbols, Quick Start, Power Chart, improved tag browser, and more. After the demo, Travis and Kevin will take time to answer your questions live. Even if you saw our introduction of 8.1 at the 2020 Ignition Community Conference, you won’t want to miss this deeper dive into the new release, so reserve your spot on the webcast now!

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video Ignition Community Live

Ignition Community Live with the Ignition Cross-Industry Collective

Where did the collective come from? Where is it going? Where do you fit in? Join us in unfolding the answers!

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video Ignition Community Live

Ignition Community Live with Kent Melville

A look at how Ignition is designed to be object oriented and dynamic from the ground up. We will be reviewing UDTs, parameterized views (embedded, repeated, and on a canvas), styles, themes, dashboards, parameterized URLs, bindings, and scripts.

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video Ignition Community Live

Ignition Community Live with ECS Solutions and Swedish Match

This is a look at how Swedish Match North America arrived at using the Ignition platform to solve real business need, and how their IT Department drove this initial investment at their Owensboro Factory.

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Controlling Industrial Processes Remotely and Securely

In the wake of COVID-19, the ability to remotely access and control critical processes is not only recommended for industrial organizations — it has become absolutely essential. The Ignition platform makes it easy to set up remote control on any system; however, you should take the proper steps to keep your process safe from threats.

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video Ignition Community Live

Ignition Community Live with Grantek and Opto 22

The power of Ignition by Inductive Automation can be further realized with rich data from the plant floor. Grantek and Opto 22 will share and demonstrate how to use Ignition software with the groov RIO edge I/O system and Ignition Edge-enabled groov EPICs to quickly obtain ancillary sensor data and secure your legacy PLC systems, allowing you to fully optimize your manufacturing operations at scale. This Ignition Community Live features Doug Yerger, Principal Engineer at Grantek, in a conversation with Benson Hougland, Vice President at Opto 22. They will discuss how to improve processes, reduce maintenance costs, and obtain better data for business decisions.

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case study Oil and Gas

From Edge to Cloud in Record Time

INS helped ARB Midstream build a SCADA system for an oil pipeline, do hardware upgrades, create a new network, and build a new control room — all in just six months.

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video Ignition Community Live

Ignition Community Live with Corso Systems

With Perspective geolocation data is easier to capture than ever before. Using the built-in map components you can build powerful interfaces for tracking people and assets. We will discuss how to use the map components with the Perspective app for mobile device tracking, and third-party GPS units to geolocate people and devices without the Perspective app. Use cases will include geofencing, to alert when devices are in a particular location, including pulling up a corresponding HMI screen for a technician at a remote location, tracking asset movement throughout the world using historized data sent via MQTT, integrating geolocation data with EXIF data from images to display images on the map at the correct coordinates, and tracking the spread of Covid-19 with a Perspective app.

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video Ignition Community Live

Ignition Community Live with Ray Sensenbach

Theming in Perspective allows users to customize the look and feel of their Perspective projects at a broad level. In this webinar, we’ll take a deep dive into this powerful new feature covering everything from the basics of theming through to developing a custom theme using your company’s brand colors. This session is for anyone who wants to follow a hands-on example of themes in action.

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