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Welcome to Inductive Automation's resource center! Explore our helpful articles below to increase your knowledge about the industrial automation monitoring and control process.
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Ignition Security Hardening guide
This document is intended to provide general guidance on how to set up and secure your Ignition installation. Included in this document are guidelines specifically for the Ignition software, as well as general suggestions regarding the hardware and network where Ignition is installed.
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White Paper
Design Like a Pro | Best Practices for IIoT
The industrial automation industry is benefiting from the incredible opportunities made possible by the Internet of Things (IoT). While the IoT has shown promise within the corporate and consumer environment, there is a great opportunity to unlock the data in the industrial space.
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White Paper
Java Security and Ignition
Java has been in the headlines of late for all the wrong reasons and recent Java security concerns have raised some eyebrows among the Ignition user community. In an effort to help put those concerns to rest, this white paper will cut through the media hype and take a hard look at Java security.
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