09/17/2018 8:00AM - 09/19/2018 5:00PM


At the 2018 Ignition Community Conference, you’ll have the unique opportunity to meet industry thought leaders from around the world, see innovative real-world use cases of Ignition from multiple industries, and learn core fundamentals and advanced techniques from Ignition experts. Become a guiding force for innovation at ICC 2018.

Come see this year’s special keynote and hear from Inductive Automation's leadership about the exciting new developments at the company, including a sneak preview of the game-changing new features of Ignition 8.0.

The Ignition Community is a group of some of the world's smartest industrial professionals and thought leaders, bound together by a common passion to build better projects, better companies, and a better industry. This conference is your opportunity to join the rapidly growing Ignition community, and lead the way by blazing a new trail of innovation in your industry.

Contact Kristine Zukose, kzukose@inductiveautomation.com or Amanda Karkar, akarkar@inductiveautomation.com for more information or to set up a meeting with the Inductive Automation leadership team. Hope to see you there.

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