02/04/2015 9:00AM - 02/04/2015 10:00AM


To increase business, it is often necessary to adopt a new mindset and change the usual way of doing things. Control system integrators want to win large-scale projects but end users rarely ask for a whole new SCADA system. So integrators need another way to get in the door and get new projects going.

Instead of approaching end users about their plant-floor and SCADA needs, integrators can take a wider look at the enterprise to find other opportunities for improvement, such as data issues between departments. Ignition by Inductive Automation® is the perfect software for this approach because it has the ability to build or connect just about anything. And in case after case, end users that start using Ignition gradually extend it throughout the enterprise, creating a steady stream of integration projects.

Ready for new ideas to grow your business? Join this discussion between Ignition integrators and product leaders to learn about:

• The questions that lead to new business
• How to pitch Ignition for non-SCADA needs
• How Ignition integrators have succeeded with this approach, in their words
• How to initiate "ongoing" projects
• And more

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