11/19/2014 9:00AM - 11/19/2014 10:00AM


The end of the year is a season of opportunity for system integrators. Now is the time when industrial organizations are spending the last of their technology budgets before next year begins. How can your system integration business end 2014 with strong sales and head confidently into 2015? The next webinar from Inductive Automation is a great place to start. We'll talk about how to present Ignition in a way that gets a prospective customer’s attention, shows them how it's different from ordinary SCADA software, and helps you close the deal.

You'll learn about:

• Tips for a winning Ignition pitch from an Inductive Automation account representative
• How to give a spectacular Ignition demo according to an Inductive Automation product expert
• Proven sales tips from Ignition integrators
• How to handle concerns and difficult questions from customers


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