11/15/2017 9:00AM - 11/15/2017 10:00AM


Attacks against SCADA and other industrial control systems are increasing at a disturbing rate, and industrial organizations must understand that an IT-centric security approach won’t be enough to keep their critical infrastructure safe.

In this webinar, Inductive Automation’s Co-Director of Sales Engineering Kevin McClusky (presenter) and Chief Strategy Officer Don Pearson (moderator) will discuss a prevention-focused approach that encompasses physical security as well as cybersecurity. As you’ll learn, an effective SCADA security plan doesn’t just safeguard the platform itself but also each network, device, and database connection.

In this free webinar, learn more about:

• Phishing and other common attack vectors
• Guarding against internal threats
• Locking down your operating system
• Leveraging encryption effectively
• Using Java safely
• Applying security guidelines in the Ignition industrial application platform
• And much more


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