06/02/2016 9:00AM - 06/02/2016 10:00AM


In this era of Big Data and the IIoT, the need for industrial data has never been greater. Ironically, although SCADA stands for "supervisory control and data acquisition," legacy SCADA systems make it hard to get to a lot of potentially useful data because they lock it inside proprietary systems. Amazing possibilities open up when companies use a tool that can break down data silos and get data from many more sources onto one unified platform.

In this free webinar, SCADA experts from Inductive Automation will show you how the Ignition industrial application platform makes data acquisition easier than ever while also being scalable and economical for organizations of all sizes.

See how Ignition makes it easy to collect data from:
• Any database: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and more
• Practically any PLC and device: Siemens, Modbus, Allen-Bradley, DNP3, OPC, Omron, UDP & TCP, SECS-GEM, and more
• MES, ERP, and CRM systems
• Field devices containing valuable IIoT data
• Historians
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