03/23/2016 9:00AM - 03/23/2016 10:00AM


Until fairly recently, there was a clear delineation between information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT). IT was mainly used by management and worked from the top down, while OT was used on the plant floor and built from the ground up. These two fields developed within well-defined roles and were kept separate – and that was that.

Now, disruptive technologies including the IIoT and Big Data have set off a new industrial revolution that challenges the old notions that kept IT and OT separate. Industrial organizations are starting to see the value of uniting the factory floor with the executive offices, but should IT or OT lead in the effort to connect the entire enterprise?

In this webinar, Don Pearson and Travis Cox of Inductive Automation will join Arlen Nipper, president of Cirrus Link Solutions and co-inventor of MQTT, to discuss the changes taking place in manufacturing and the best way to go forward.

In this free webinar, you'll learn:

• Why IT-led, top-down approaches to IIoT are complex and time-consuming
• Why OT/SCADA knowledge is critical to obtaining the data that leads to better decision-making
• Why MQTT is the IIoT protocol best suited to the controls business
• How the Ignition industrial application platform brings IT and controls together
• And more

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