02/28/2019 9:00AM - 02/28/2019 10:00AM


To upgrade or not to upgrade: for many industrial organizations, that is the question. Operating-system issues, security concerns, and maintenance costs all provide strong motivations for upgrading SCADA or ICS systems, yet the associated expenses and headaches cause many companies to hesitate.

But what if this “problem” is really an opportunity in disguise? What if upgrades could be less painful than you thought and more beneficial than you ever imagined? In this webinar, Travis Cox from Inductive Automation and a panel of experienced industrial professionals will discuss how to bring your system up to date in a way that maximizes your investment and minimizes losses.

Learn about:

• The most compelling reasons to upgrade now
• How to get around common upgrade pain points
• Real-world upgrade success stories
• The benefits of switching to a unified industrial application platform
• And more!


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