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Price: $500 USD


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Bring the Power of the Ignition Gateway
Network to the Edge

Ignition Edge Enterprise acts as a limited remote server that synchronizes data from the edge of the network to a central Ignition server. Add edge computing to your network with the ability to remotely collect historical data, get data visualization and control, and manage your system from a central location.

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Distributed Services

When acting as an Agent Gateway in a secure, high-performance Ignition Gateway Network, Edge Enterprise can share information with other Ignition Gateways through Distributed Services, including distributed tags, history, and remote alarming.

Seamless Integration with EAM

Additional features such as remote backup and upgrades, central project and restoration management, and centralized monitoring of performance and health metrics, are available on Edge Enterprise if the Ignition Enterprise Administration Module (EAM) is installed on the central Ignition server that Edge is connected to.


Edge Enterprise comes with up to one week of data buffering so it can be used to store-and-forward your data to a central server in case of network failure.

Local-Client Fallback

When used in tandem with Edge Panel, Edge Enterprise has the ability for local-client fallback with a one-week data buffer, providing local data visualization and limited trending in case of network failure.

Access Data from PLCs & OPC-UA Servers

For easy PLC connections, Ignition Edge solutions come with unlimited tags and are equipped with OPC UA along with Modbus, TCP, and Siemens drivers, and the Allen-Bradley suite of drivers. Other drivers supported by Ignition, such as DNP3 and Modbus RTU, can be added onto Ignition Edge solutions for an additional cost.

Totally Cross-Platform

Ignition Edge works seamlessly with Ignition1 and on Linux, any version of Windows, on macOS, and more, so you can install it on virtually any industrial device2. With support for ARM processors, Ignition Edge can also run on the latest generation of efficient edge-of-network devices.

Mix and Match with Other Ignition Edge Solutions

Use Ignition Edge Panel3, Enterprise4, or MQTT on a single device, or mix and match them to create powerful solutions tailored to your needs.

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