Comprehensive Mobile Platform for Local Charity

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Project Scope

  • Tags: less than 20
  • Screens: 50
  • Clients: 250
  • Alarms: less than 10
  • Devices: 250 phones, tablets, PCs, etc.
  • Architecture: AWS with separate DB instance
  • Database: MariaDB

Project Overview

As part of BIJC’s corporate responsibility commitment, the company donated the license, development, and maintenance of a cloud-based volunteer management system using Ignition Perspective to the UK charity SERV Kent. SERV Kent transports emergency blood, samples, and medication between hospitals. Along with improved security, satisfying GDPR regulations, and providing geolocation tracking, this project also increased logistic capabilities — which have been invaluable during the COVID-19 pandemic with the charity’s workload rising significantly. 



The charity was previously relying on a system that required manual collation of paper forms, a mishmash of websites, Google sheets and Google calendars to manage the whole operation. Considering the service that the charity provides, and more specifically the cargo, having a management system that lacked logistic capability in terms of speed, efficiency, and security presented unacceptable limitations.

The charity needed a secure web-based platform accessible to members that would allow them to manage volunteers, vehicles, and documentation while being able to record details of all transported items. 

The new system would need to be accessible and intuitive to use for the management team and couriers (also known as riders). And it would need to meet important GDPR guidelines while providing useful geolocation data to the management team.



BIJC deployed a Perspective project that replaced all of the old manual processes, integrating them into one user-friendly system. The system runs in an AWS instance with a separate MariaDB RDS instance as the database. The project was started in June 2019 and has grown over the last year into a fully integrated system. 

Using Perspective with its configurable security, auditing, and logging tools has allowed BIJC to meet all the GDPR responsibilities in a way that is transparent and non-intrusive to users. The flexible security model allows the charity to easily grant and remove access to the various features to individual users using simple tick boxes.

If users wish, BIJC can now track member location and display it on a map, which helps to protect lone workers and allows coordinators to make real-time decisions. BIJC has also developed a bespoke module using the Ignition SDK on GitHub to provide a fully functional drag-and-drop calendar. This calendar has a number of views and allows different groups and individuals to panel their time efficiently.

BIJC will soon be updating the system to use the new Perspective signature pad component on a collection and delivery form. Once that is done, the charity will be paperless for daily operations. 



The system has been universally applauded by all members as easy to launch and intuitive to use. Managers can instantly see the exact status of vehicles and on-duty personnel and availability of critical emergency response members with advanced training. All of this was impossible before.

SERV Kent’s 250 members can now self-service the volunteer rota (schedule), adding and removing themselves for the days they are available. Previously, this was a mammoth task undertaken with calendars, phone calls, and text messaging. The system automatically shows the duty controller who’s available, along with their contact details.

The system can generate user-defined email lists, and automates email messaging regarding member training reminders, mileage notification, fleet vehicle servicing details, and member duty availability. 

There are views for member information including online profiles and statistics, self-service volunteer rota details, a callout log, fleet vehicle management, volunteer management and permissions, volunteer training, documentation, and fundraising/public engagement events.

In future versions, BIJC will integrate the vehicle tracking data via an API from the tracking provider. It will also handle online sales of SERV Kent’s branded merchandise, and will better manage rider availability.  

Project Information

Created By:   BIJC Ltd

BIJC is one of the United Kingdom’s leading Ignition Premier Integrators for SCADA, MES and IIoT. It works with manufacturing, specifically food and beverage, and also has many years of experience developing electrical PLC control and SCADA systems for low- and high-voltage distribution systems in larger commercial buildings and data centers.


Project For:   SERV Kent

SERV Kent is a charity that provides emergency courier services transporting blood products, samples, and other patient-essential items for the major hospitals and hospices in Kent outside normal working hours. Without SERV Kent, deliveries would have to be made by other means, such as police or ambulance, which would take valuable resources out of service. SERV Kent provides its services free of charge, thus enabling funds to be used elsewhere in the healthcare system.

Posted on October 1, 2020