Enerchem Boosts Efficiency with Cross-Platform SCADA

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Project Overview

Enerchem was operating with an antiquated control system. The system was very unreliable, often crashing during operation. There was also a lack of remote access to the system, and the solution was to use GoToMyPC, which did not work very well, and used a control station on site. Every control terminal required software licensing and installation. All of the reporting was done manually, and if a day or load got missed, it was either lost or had to be entered by hand.

There was also limited trending support, and no database, so custom functionality was out of the question. Everything was operating on a single server, so a loss of a server would result in downtime and a loss of data.

Ignition provided a central install for all of Enerchem’s control information. Kymera initially moved the reporting requirements into FactoryPMI/FactorySQL. Once Ignition was released, Kymera moved the other facilities to Ignition first, as they were smaller. The unlimited clients allowed Kymera to place clients where they didn’t have them before, both on site and remotely. Being database-centric, Kymera was able to build other custom logic into the HMI that would have been cumbersome with other packages. Having built-in redundancy, Enerchem now has a reliable and flexible system to meet its needs.

Enerchem’s logistics rely heavily on Ignition. Kymera is able to place the information in the right hands at the right time, to help optimize Enerchem’s operations. The size of the project is also unique, with strict requirements for speed, reliability and functionality.

Enerchem now has remote access for controls and reporting to each facility. By using the information provided, product yield increased from 50% to 60%. Overall reliability has increased. Problems can be diagnosed as they are forming and can be fixed before they become a downtime issue. Real-time inventory at Enerchem facilities allows the business to run more efficiently. Real-time inventory reporting allows Enerchem to supply their customers with products on a very large scale. With today’s horizontal drilling, frac jobs have increased to an average of 200 m³ and upwards of 36,000 m³ demand for a single well site or pad. The new system has helped Enerchem become the biggest frac fluid supplier in Canada. Enerchem’s base oils need to have extremely accurate controls to ensure they meet all of the product’s specifications. Without Ignition, Enerchem could not reliably produce a base oil that is BTEX-free. Its completely cross-platform architecture allows easy integration of new or exotic hardware.

The future plans to tie in new terminal meters for automatic report generation system are in live development. Changes are implemented on a monthly basis.


One of the main overview screens with easy-to-read graphics that help operators maintain the plant.


One of Enerchem’s biggest problems with its previous system was reporting, which Ignition accomplished with ease.


Through the flexibility of Ignition, Kymera was able to customize this plant’s screens to better represent its operations.

Project Information

Created By:   Kymera Systems Inc.

With over 25 years of combined experience in the software development and process control industries, the Kymera Systems team is equipped with a diverse background of skills and strengths; extensive instrumentation, engineering and software development expertise helps Kymera Systems develop custom solutions for any problem. With the ability to handle projects from the PLC to the automated invoicing, Kymera has the technical capacity and proficiency to design solutions that optimize the whole business. Consolidating data, providing operator HMI, analyzing data for engineering teams, and automated data flow allow Kymera to provide complete solutions or to improve any piece of the process.

Project For:   Enerchem

Enerchem International Inc. is a leading producer and distributor of premier hydrocarbon fluids that are designed to provide cost-effective solutions to a wide variety of oilfield applications and operations. Enerchem also provides energy marketing services, and through its wholly owned subsidiary, Millard Trucking Ltd., provides fluid transportation and other related oilfield services.

Posted on September 1, 2014