Modern & Intuitive User Interface for Hospital in Italy

Project For: John Bosco of Turin Hospital, Italy

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The request was the full integration of the existing fire detection system on a new open supervisor platform, based on the most modern technology. The monitoring and control system must have characteristics of high reliability while maintaining maximum flexibility; precisely in this context, the system integrator’s work is fundamental in the choice of products and solutions.

The main requirements were that the system must be reliable, easy to manage, scalable, and able to import maps in vector format. Also, it had to be in real-time, with redundancy built into the system, and with a simple intuitive operator interface. The existing fire detection system is based on n° 1 Esser 8008 and n° 2 Notifier AM6000 Fire Panels for a total of about 3,150 points (sensors and modules) and 23,900 alarms; the number of clients required is 2 and all data must be archived on a SQLServer database.


To achieve the required results, PB Automation created a system of automation and supervision based on Ignition by Inductive Automation, which fully responds to the characteristics of reliability and scalability required.


The system integrates products from different vendors using standard communication protocols. The graphics capabilities of Ignition and experience of PB Automation lead to the creation of a user interface (HMI) which is simple, intuitive, and at the same time, very complete. Navigating between pages is simple, and in case of an alarm, is possible to reach the detail page with very few operations.


Overview of John Bosco of Turin Hospital in Italy.


PB Automation ran all fire detectors and alarms through Ignition.


Giving the operators easy access to all alarms in the hospital in one central location
Posted on May 26, 2016