Integrator Panel: Which New Technologies are Fads or the Future

59 min video  /  1 minute read


Shay Johnson

Sales Engineer

Inductive Automation


Jake Hall

Business Development Manager

Feyen Zylstra


Brian McClain

Business Development Manager

Corso Systems


Dustin Wilson

Sr. Project Manager

Phantom Technical Services, Inc.


Cody Warren

Sr. Control Engineer

Tamaki Controls

During this panel discussion, you'll hear the leaders of some of the Ignition community's most successful integration companies discuss new technologies and innovations that are evolving the industry. Ideas and terms like IIoT and the cloud once seemed foreign but are now increasingly commonplace within the industrial sphere. What new trends and innovations will prove to be more than just buzzwords, but actual mainstays key to a company’s future success? How are automation professionals responding to these technologies? Hear our expert integrator panel answer these and other questions as they discuss what actually adds value within the industry and what's just hype in this fascinating panel discussion.

Posted on November 9, 2021