Drain The Data Lake - Model And Contextualize Your OT Data at the Edge

48 min video  /  1 minute read


Travis Cox

Chief Technology Evangelist

Inductive Automation

Arlen Nipper

President & CTO

Cirrus Link Solutions

Benson Hougland

Vice President, Marketing

Opto 22

Dan Stauft

Director of Operational Technology


Michael Manzi

Practice Lead, Digital Manufacturing

Feyen Zylstra

Join a panel of Ignition community experts who helped the State of Indiana launch a Digital Transformation program for manufacturers quickly and simply. Energy data, manufacturing output, and other OT data can be collected and modeled in-plant, and efficiently published into cloud infrastructure and unsupervised AI for actionable insights with a pre-built “I4.0 in a Box” solution.

Posted on October 18, 2022