Educational Engagement Program

Bring the Power of Ignition to Your Campus!

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The Educational Engagement Program is an educational outreach program designed to foster relationships in our local, national and global communities by creating a bridge between industry professionals and educational institutions, promoting creativity and innovation through meaningful educational experiences with Ignition.

We're giving students the opportunity to work with Ignition while they're still in school. With over 2000 systems integrators worldwide using Ignition, there's a large demand for skilled engineers in companies who have experience with the software platform. We're striving to create relationships between the industry partners and academia in order to provide students with valuable experiences and curriculum that's supported by these industry partners and created by the professors. This allows for students to gain an understanding of Ignition while also gaining a skill set that is allowing them for a unique opportunity to work with the systems integrator through either program support while they're in school, which can come in the form of internships, workshops, guest lectures, or the students may find an opportunity to work for the industry partner upon graduation due to their expanded skill set that was obtained through their academic institutions.

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Posted on June 6, 2023