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Explore the Digital Oilfield

Even though the oil and gas industry is facing serious technological, economic, and cultural challenges, companies in this space can remain strong and competitive if they are willing to shift their thinking and adopt new solutions.

In this webinar, experts from Inductive Automation (creators of Ignition, the first universal industrial application platform with unlimited potential), Streamline Group (a builder of efficient technology solutions for oil and gas and other industries), and Cirrus Link Solutions (a leader in IIoT, MQTT, and SCADA solutions) will discuss a comprehensive approach to innovation, scalability, and efficiency that boosts operations and saves money.

The discussion will be based around a real-world implementation that has resulted in improved network performance, the creation of a field-data distribution hub, and reduced spending on upgrades to the core SCADA environment, along with other huge benefits.

Watch now to learn about:
• Current trends having the greatest impact on oil and gas
• How to accelerate innovation and efficiency in your organization
• How to slash operational costs
• How to improve executive decision-making through real-time data access throughout the organization
• How to develop and execute a comprehensive approach to achieve efficiency
• Why decoupling pipeline SCADA systems from devices that control equipment helps accelerate innovation

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