Ignition 8: Perspective Module

Built for Mobile, Ready for the Field

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The biggest new feature of Ignition 8 is the new Ignition Perspective Module. Ignition Perspective is the next-generation visualization system for industrial applications, optimized specifically for mobile devices.

Discover a whole new view. 

Video Transcript:

Today’s plant floor demands more from its industrial applications: more screens, more mobility, better visualization, and more accessibility at every level.

Ignition Perspective by Inductive Automation brings the plant floor to you with expansive visualization and accessibility thanks to truly responsive, web-based technology.

Carl Gould: “With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets throughout the world, industrial applications should be fully mobile. Perspective makes it easy to build first-class, fully mobile-responsive industrial applications today.”

Design applications that automatically fit any screen size in a streamlined design environment that’s easy to work in.

Customize your user’s experience with Perspective’s new container types that allow you to develop beautiful flexible screens.

Apply styles and enable changes across your entire system with CSS3.

Perspective's persistent communications channel means that visualization and tag changes immediately show in your application.

Alex Marcy, Corso Systems: “Perspective is a game-changer for our company, and for the industry. It’s changing the way we build systems. It’s a total joy to work in. Plus, it’s a beautiful piece of software.”

Because Perspective is built from the ground up with cutting-edge security protocols, it’s compatible with today’s federated identity infrastructure and supports industry-leading encryption protocols.

Deployment across your organization has never been easier with Perspective. Deploy your application to any supported mobile device including iOS or Android.

With Perspective Workstation, you can deploy your application to run natively on any major operating system supporting devices such as desktops, HMIs, and multi-monitor configurations. You can also share a link to your application to be accessed in any major web browser.

Perspective’s native application format works flawlessly with mobile features like touch, GPS, cameras, barcode scanners, and more.

Perspective also works seamlessly on the Ignition platform in conjunction with all Ignition Modules.

Ignition Perspective puts the plant floor in the palm of your hand so you can see and control your processes from anywhere.

Start building Industrial applications with beautiful results with Ignition Perspective.

Posted on April 4, 2019