Turning Enterprise Data Into Decisions More Quickly

How to Leverage Ignition for DataOps

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Don Pearson

Chief Strategy Officer

Inductive Automation

Arlen Nipper

President and CTO

Cirrus Link Solutions

Travis Cox

Co-Director of Sales Engineering

Inductive Automation

Is inefficient data management standing in the way of your company’s IIoT or Digital Transformation objectives? As companies struggle with making their data more useful, many are adopting a methodology known as DataOps. The good news is that DataOps can help you collect, deliver, and leverage data faster and with greater accuracy — and with Ignition’s unlimited industrial application platform and its support of the powerful MQTT protocol, implementation could be easier than you think.

In this webinar, join experts from Inductive Automation and Cirrus Link Solutions to learn more about what DataOps is, why it’s important, and how industrial organizations can start putting it into practice.

  • Learn about getting your data into a usable form
  • Get insights for better speed and quality of data analytics
  • Learn the requirements of a successful enterprise solution
  • Ask your questions about DataOps, IIoT, and more


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Posted on January 28, 2021