Design Like a Pro: Developing & Deploying Perspective Applications as HMIs

Explore the Possibilities of Perspective Workstation

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Don Pearson

Chief Strategy Officer

Inductive Automation

Kent Melville

Sales Engineering Manager

Inductive Automation

Since its release in 2019, Ignition Perspective®️ has enabled users to quickly design first-rate, mobile-responsive industrial applications and launch them on mobile devices and web browsers. Now, the new Perspective Workstation feature also makes it possible to quickly launch native Perspective applications on workstations, HMIs, desktops, and multi-monitor setups without needing a third-party web browser.

Perspective Workstation truly brings all of the power of Ignition Perspective to the plant floor. In this webinar, you’ll get to see the big picture of what this new feature does, and you’ll get a detailed look into how it works and what your industrial organization can do with it.

  • See how quickly you can build screens for mobile devices, HMIs & desktop workstations
  • Learn about multi-monitor setups
  • Find out how to stay more focused with kiosk mode
  • Get tips for design and navigation
Posted on October 9, 2020