How Ignition Eases SCADA Pain Points

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Kent Melville

Director of Sales Engineering

Inductive Automation

Brad Fischer

Sales Engineer

Inductive Automation

Although SCADA systems are the backbone of modern manufacturing, they are not immune to pain points. While new difficulties have arisen with the need for enterprise-wide Digital Transformation and implementation of IIoT-enabled technologies, many of the issues afflicting integrators and end users have persisted for years.

In most cases, these issues stem from the SCADA platform itself. However, there exists a simple solution to alleviate these pain points, even the chronic ones. During this webinar, discover how choosing the right platform can solve the pain points, both old and new, preventing your SCADA system from operating at peak performance.

  • Sidestep prohibitive licensing
  • Accelerate system development
  • Easily deploy mobile-responsive clients
  • Future-proof your system
Posted on August 8, 2022