Overcoming Digital Transformation Pain Points

Changing Processes for the Better with Ignition

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Kent Melville

Director of Sales Engineering

Inductive Automation

Brad Fischer

Sales Engineer

Inductive Automation

Reese Tyson

Ignition Team Lead

Flexware Innovation

Steve Chapman


Barry-Wehmiller Design Group

In order to succeed at Digital Transformation, organizations must plan and carry it out at the levels of process, technology, and culture. Because it is an all-encompassing and ongoing endeavor, the pain points associated with Digital Transformation can be more complex than those you’d encounter when doing something like a SCADA system upgrade or a first-time OEE project.

Because Digital Transformation looks different for each organization, this webinar brings together professionals who have worked on a variety of Digital Transformation projects. As they discuss common pain points and potential solutions, you’ll gain insights to make your Digital Transformation journey smoother for everyone involved.

  • Setting clear and attainable goals
  • Getting buy-in from stakeholders
  • Taming the ‘information’ beast
  • Reducing costs, speeding up ROI, and more
Posted on October 6, 2022