Historic Opportunities: Discover the Power of Ignition's Historian

Exploring What You Can Do With Historical Data

60 min video  /  1 minute read View slides


Don Pearson

Chief Strategy Officer

Inductive Automation

Kevin McClusky

Co-Director of Sales Engineering

Inductive Automation

The ability to store and query historical data easily and efficiently is vital to digital transformation. The Ignition Tag Historian Module has long provided a superb solution for this need and recent improvements have broadened the scope of what it can do. Is your organization harnessing the full power of historical data for a successful future?

This webinar will offer the deepest look yet into Ignition’s powerful historian system, exploring solutions within Ignition as well as solutions that connect to it. Join our experts as they illuminate the possibilities, from quick creation of charts and reports, to swift sending and retrieval of data, and ultimately converting data points into valuable insights. Don’t miss out!

  • Learn why SQL databases can be the best choice for storing tag history
  • See how Ignition 8.1 puts more historical data at your fingertips
  • Learn how to increase throughputs
  • Explore how to not only store data but get more results from it
Posted on March 11, 2021