Unlimited Licensing

Use Ignition as Much as You Want For No Additional Cost
Every Ignition server license includes unlimited clients and tags. You'll get the freedom to add as many clients, screens, tags, connections, and devices as you wish. For one affordable price, you can build any type of HMI / SCADA or database application. You are only limited by your imagination.

Unlimited Clients

With Ignition, you pay one price per server license, and you get unlimited usage. Every member of your company can have insight into operations with no additional cost.
  • Run-Time Clients: Launch as many as you want!
  • Everyone Gets Access: Access to important information is unlimited
  • Budget Reallocation: You can put cost savings toward development

Unlimited Tags

In today's modern manufacturing facilities, it no longer makes sense to pay per tag so why do it? With Ignition you can use as many tags as you need and never pay anything extra for them.
  • Drag-and-Drop: Easily browse tags, and drop them into projects
  • Data Templates: Build data templates for your tags
  • Data From Any Device: Create tags from devices, OPC servers, and other tags with no limits

Unlimited Connections

You can connect your PLCs to SQL databases, connect your HMIs to office desktop computers and connect all of that to your MES or ERP system at no extra cost.
  • Databases: Easily connect to all major databases
  • PLCs: Communicate via both classic OPC and OPC-UA
  • Devices: Hook up barcode scanners, scales, flow meters, and more
  • MES and ERP: Ignition works seamlessly with any MES or ERP system

Unlimited Scalability

As your company grows, Ignition grows with you, fulfilling the needs of your ever-expanding business and helping you reach your full potential. With Ignition, you pay once and never have to worry about paying more to add new clients, tags, connections or devices in the future.
  • Panel Screens: Use in isolated panel devices
  • One Plant: Build whatever size SCADA system you need
  • Multiple Facilities: Buy one server license for each facility, and connect them all together

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