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The Ideal Platform for Amazing MES Solutions

If you’re a manufacturing company, then you need a manufacturing execution system (MES) solution to help with tasks like work order scheduling, production control, recipe management, lot genealogy and tracking, process control (SPC), and performance monitoring with OEE. Ignition MES is a fully integrated software solution that gives you the power to collect all your industrial data, connect to any SCADA or ERP system, and build virtually any kind of MES application – making it the ideal platform for MES solutions.

Benefits of Using Ignition:

Unlimited Licensing:

Use unlimited tags and clients at no extra cost

Web-Based Deployment:

Web-launch clients to any devices with a web-browser

Universal Platform:

MES, SCADA, reporting, and more — on one platform

Rapid Development:

Comes with a powerful, unlimited, zero-install IDE — for free

Built on Trusted IT Standards:

SQL, Python, MQTT, and OPC UA

Powerful Partnerships:

We also offer a full suite of MES solutions for Ignition developed by the MES experts at Sepasoft

“Reporting, graphs, charts, all the brewing information, information from the lab, even tracking the trucks coming in and out of the yard: we see it all in real time using the Ignition software.”

– Ron Mayfield

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Sierra Nevada used Ignition to build a robust MES system that perfectly fit their unique processes.

Watch the case study

Major Features

Build Customized MES Solutions

Ignition provides all the tools you need to develop and customize MES applications to fit your unique processes. Build applications for overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and downtime, statistical process control (SPC), recipe management, traceability, scheduling, genealogy, production tracking, and more.

Improve Efficiency and Productivity

Ignition gives industrial organizations many ways to reduce unplanned downtime, cut waste, and increase productivity, which can save thousands of dollars of revenue. Find the vital information you need in seconds instead of hours so you can identify and eliminate inefficiencies quickly.

Connect to All Operational Data

Ignition software comes with a comprehensive set of tools for data acquisition, including built-in SQL-database integration and OPC UA for easy connectivity to practically any PLC through third-party OPC servers. Ignition can connect to virtually any industrial historian. Also, Ignition has software modules that enable connections to serial devices, such as scanners, scales, and sensors.

Flexible ERP Connectivity

With full SQL integration out-of-the-box, Ignition comes standard with the ability to seamlessly connect to any SQL database. Ignition also has the ability to enable connections to web services, including REST and SOAP. With these features – and available support through Inductive Automation’s Design Services, if you need it – it’s possible to connect to virtually any enterprise system, including ERP systems such as SAP, JD Edwards, and many more.

Track and Analyze All
MES Data

With Ignition, you can bring all of your important data together into robust enterprise dashboards with powerful visualization and analysis tools. By allowing you to turn raw data into actionable information and share it with your whole team, Ignition enables better decision-making across the enterprise.

Screen courtesy of Vertech Industrial Systems

Create Dynamic MES Reports

Easily generate dynamic MES reports, like OEE, downtime tracking, production management, historical data analysis, quality assurance, and SPC. Instantly deliver your reports automatically to anyone you’d like.

Add Integrated MES
Software Modules

Jump-start your MES solution by adding powerful Sepasoft MES software modules to your Ignition system. Sepasoft is a strategic third-party module partner of Inductive Automation, with years of experience developing top-quality MES solutions. Sepasoft has a full library of compatible MES modules that each add new MES development tools into Ignition. Sepasoft has module for: calculating OEE and downtime, track and trace, SPC, and more

Learn more about Sepasoft Modules

More Features

Do Even More with Ignition MES Software

Seamless Integration with Ignition SCADA

All Ignition solutions work seamlessly together for easy system integration.

Dynamic Reporting

Create a full range of dynamic, data-rich reports and send them anywhere.

SCADA Alarming

Easily stay aware of what’s happening at your facility, wherever you are.

Industrial Historian

Turn a SQL database into a high-performance time-series tag historian.

Transaction Management

Easily log data, call stored procedures, and synchronize data bi-directionally.

Easily Scalable

Scale from a single client installation to an enterprise-wide system with ease.

Get Mobile Access

Get mobile access to your control system via smartphones and tablets.


Store-and-forward historical data so you never lose it.

Instant Installs and Updates

Install on a server in just 3 minutes, push updates to clients everywhere, instantly.

Totally Cross-Platform

Works on Windows, macOS, Linux and more.

Concurrent Web-Launched Designers

Comes out of the box with unlimited, concurrent design clients — for free.

Unlimited Clients

Deliver data to anyone without additional costs.