Introducing “The Ignition Effect,” a video series that dives into what truly sets this dynamic software apart. Even though Ignition is great for solving immediate challenges like how to monitor and control automated processes in real-time, its full impact reverberates far beyond its initial implementation.

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What Is The Ignition Effect?

This series is not just about technology, but how Ignition creates a ripple effect that reshapes systems and sparks solutions. “The Ignition Effect” offers a panoramic view of the transformative power of Ignition told by the people that use it every day. Watch these videos to witness the impact Ignition has on its community and explore what it can do for you!

On Community

They say it takes a village, so the Ignition community has forums and events connecting people to learn, collaborate, and bond over their passion for the Platform. Hear how Ignition brings people together.

On Students

Ignition spans generations as easily as it connects devices. Hear how it breaks frustrating traditions for experienced professionals and is the new standard for students, interns, and up-and-comers.

On End User Empowerment

We’re better when we work together. Watch how Ignition’s open source platform, free trials, and ease of use allows system integrators and end users to envision all possibilities and accomplish the impossible.

On Career Journeys

Ignition can empower surprising growth opportunities for control systems and careers. Hear personal stories about how Ignition has helped open new doors and advance people's career journeys in industrial automation.

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