8 Things We’re Looking Forward to at ICC 2019


ICC 2019

For some, the most exciting month is July, for others it's December, but for staff at Inductive Automation, it's September. If you’re familiar with IA or Ignition at all, you’ll likely know why: the Ignition Community Conference.

This year, we’re packing the conference with more excitement than ever before, and we’ve changed up the event to make it more convenient and accessible for attendees. Of particular note: we’ve moved the conference start day to Tuesday, September 17th to allow for easier travel planning. We can’t wait to see you there, and in celebration, we’re counting down 8 of the most exciting things about this year’s conference. Read on for our highlights:

1. Celebrate Ignition 8

We’ve been thrilled to see the energy around the release of Ignition 8 this April, and it’s time to celebrate! Over 900 beta users tested the product and made the latest version stronger than ever, and we’ve already seen amazing, innovative projects made using the new version. We want to help our users get the most out of 8, so throughout the conference sessions, workshops, and Discover Gallery projects, we’ll be highlighting the coolest features of 8, like the Ignition Perspective Module. There are plenty of opportunities to connect with our developers about their road to Ignition 8 as well (see our discussion of the Developer Panel below)!

Testing out Ignition 8

2. More In-Depth, Hands-On Learning

As always, we’re excited to offer workshops on a number of exciting topics with first-class instruction from Ignition experts. This year, we’ve made workshops longer and added more times for our most popular workshops so attendees will get even more in-depth, hands-on instruction from our Ignition experts . Plus, we’ve added some new topics. Here are some of the workshop offerings for this year:

ICC Workshops


How to Build Projects in Ignition Perspective

Perspective is Ignition’s newest module, and in this workshop, you’ll learn how to use it to build new mobile-first applications in HTML5. Ignition and mobile-design experts will share practical tips for using Perspective’s powerful new features such as container types, mobile features like sensor data, and more.

Python and Ignition

Learn to use Python, a versatile, easy-to-use programming language, in Ignition. Workshop topics will include hands-on scripting examples, best practices, and common scripting pitfalls.

Getting Started with Machine Learning and Ignition

Machine learning is growing more important to the industrial space every day. In this workshop, you'll learn what machine learning is and which Ignition features can be used with it. You'll also learn some practical lessons on scripting to use machine learning in your own system.

See information about workshops led by our strategic partners in the ICC schedule.  

3. Build-A-Thon 2.0: Back and Even More Action-Packed with the Firebrand Awards

One of the biggest highlights of last year’s conference was the Build-a-Thon, a competition between Co-Directors of Sales Engineering Kevin McClusky and Travis Cox to build the best project in Ignition onstage in front of a live crowd. This year, our team is raising the bar and including more opportunities for audience engagement. Kevin will be back with a vengeance to face off against Travis, who is defending his title from last year. This year, we’re taking this engaging session to a new level by starting it with the Firebrand Awards ceremony to honor the best Ignition projects of the year. After that, Sales Engineer Kent Melville will host a panel of expert judges as the two Ignition pros face off in a building battle.

ICC Build a thon

4. Dine & Unwind at IA Headquarters

One of our favorite events during ICC is the dinner reception, which has always been a great opportunity to mingle and network with fellow conference-goers in a relaxed atmosphere. The event is also known for its delicious, farm-to-fork menu, and the opportunity to check out Inductive Automation’s headquarters. This year, visitors will be able to check out some of IA’s coolest office features, like the game room and cafe! You might even be able to challenge an employee to ping pong or foosball, but be warned, we’re a very competitive bunch!  

5. Hear From the Developers Themselves

ICC’s Developer Panel is extraordinary for many reasons; most of all, it offers an opportunity to pick the brains behind the software. Co-Directors of Development Carl Gould and Colby Clegg will take the floor to share their plans for upcoming versions, and then it’s Q&A time. Bring your questions and thoughts; this session is unique for our industry and a great chance to connect with our software development leaders.

Developer panel

6. Enlightening Sessions

Sessions are central to the Ignition Community Conference, and this year’s sessions are sure to be a big highlight for attendees. Inductive Automation will host many informative discussions and panels, but we also like to highlight the sessions created by the community. Be sure to check back on the ICC website as we announce more sessions. For now, here’s some of the sessions we’ve announced so far:

Keynote: The Future of Automation is Limitless

Join Inductive Automation’s leadership team as they discuss the future of the company, Ignition, and the industry in this exciting annual keynote address. The industrial automation space has seen amazing growth and change in the past few years, opening up endless possibilities for manufacturing professionals and the software they use.

Steve Hechtman Keynote ICC

Digital Transformation Made Easy with Ignition and MQTT

Progressive leaders are demanding change in order to achieve Digital Transformation. This is driving the creation of new solutions which utilize Big Data analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This session will describe how utilizing MQTT and the Ignition platform implements an open-standard architecture solution to deliver a cost-effective Digital Transformation and bridge the OT-IT gap.

Industry Panel: How Combining OT and IT Empowers Innovation

The convergence of operational and information technologies has been at the forefront of industry conversations for several years now, but how does this idea work in the real world? Join thought leaders from a variety of automation verticals as they discuss their experiences and answer your questions about the real-world integration of OT and IT in industrial processes.

Panel at ICC 2018

7. Ignition Innovation on Full Display at the Discover Gallery

Every year, we honor the best in Ignition projects with the Discover Gallery, a dedicated gallery at the conference with video, project specifications, and more details on how the project was accomplished. One of the things we’re most focused on at ICC is creating moments for collaboration and inspiration, and the Discover Gallery is the perfect place to get inspired, talk with other people about their projects, and learn more about building systems with Ignition. Check out last year’s gallery here.

ICC 2018 discover gallery

8. 2019 Theme: Limitless

Every year, we choose a theme that we believe encapsulates the spirit of the company and the industry at that moment in time. This year, we picked “Limitless,” for several reasons. For one, our community has always found ways to push the limits of what’s possible in new and unexpected ways using the Ignition platform. Additionally, with the release of Ignition 8, we’ve seen our audience unlock even more possibilities for industrial automation so this year’s conference felt like the perfect time to celebrate the limitless innovative potential of the Ignition community. We’ve got great sessions and announcements in store that will give “Limitless” even more meaning, and of course, with a great theme comes great ...

(8.5) Swag

This one is kind of a freebie, but we do love our ICC swag. Every year, our internal design team knocks it out of the park with all kinds of great merch from water bottles to tee shirts to “Perspectacles,” and it’s all in limited-edition colors for the year’s theme. We even heard a rumor there might be socks this year — but you didn’t hear it from us!

Don’t Wait — Get Your Tickets

Last year, ICC sold out earlier than ever before, and workshops are already starting to fill up this year. Don't miss your chance to be a part of the conference; buy your tickets today!

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We hope to see you at ICC 2019! Until then, jump into the comments below or onto the #ICClimitless social hashtag and let us know what’s got you most excited for ICC this year.

Doug Dudley
VP of Marketing
Doug Dudley is Vice President of Marketing for Inductive Automation. Doug holds a Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design from California State University, Sacramento, and brings more than 13 years of marketing experience to the company. Since joining Inductive Automation in 2011, Doug has worked to strengthen the brand awareness and market position of the company and its products through multiple successful marketing and public initiatives such as the marketing content program and the Ignition Community Conference.