A Better, Faster OEE Solution to Enable Your Continuous Improvement Journey

A Better, Faster OEE Solution


Overall Equipment Effectiveness, or OEE, is one of the most popular metrics for measuring asset performance and manufacturing efficiencies. OEE measures Availability, Performance, and Quality to evaluate whether an asset is running on schedule, at the desired throughput, and without producing defective products. OEE solutions provide insights into how production systems are performing and where to focus attention to optimize factory output and drive operational excellence.

Understanding how your manufacturing systems and assets are performing is one of the first steps to real-time operational insights, identifying opportunities for improvement, and intelligent Smart Manufacturing initiatives. OEE is the essential, industry-standard metric for capturing asset utilization and efficiency. The implementation of systems for tracking OEE and downtime needs to be simplified to ensure more time is spent identifying problems and developing Smart Manufacturing solutions as quickly as possible.

To support this mission, Grantek has assembled the core critical functionality of Sepasoft’s OEE Downtime Module to expedite delivery of performance-monitoring solutions on Inductive Automation’s Ignition platform. Grantek’s Fast Track OEE Accelerator delivers a strong foundation for Ignition MES deployments, with fast time-to-value to ensure immediate results and returns. It is also designed for flexibility and scalability to adapt to unique processes, business cases, and factory environments. Ignition is perfectly suited to serve as a backbone for OEE in your facility. Much of the important infrastructure is already in place when incorporating Ignition into your operations.


Plant Operations Dashboard


Ignition’s unlimited licensing model ensures a low cost. With just one server license, you can seamlessly connect all your data, design any kind of industrial application with ease, and instantly web-deploy unlimited industrial and mobile clients to anyone, anywhere — all from one universal platform for industrial automation.

By partnering with Inductive Automation to maximize the benefits of Ignition, Grantek’s Fast Track OEE Accelerator delivers OEE and downtime analysis solutions that are easy to spin up, customizable, and can scale across the entire enterprise.

With OEE being a key measure focused on equipment and process reliability improvement, improving this measurement of how well your production equipment operates will result in immediate benefits on the plant floor. However, by utilizing Ignition in the pursuit of OEE improvement, you will also benefit from the modular connectivity of this solution. This allows you to see a ripple effect of enhanced operations across your entire enterprise. This natural connectivity will go beyond the production floor, by delivering data and insights that can also help guide business decisions and opportunities for growth.

Sam Russem
Sr. Director of Smart Manufacturing Solutions / Grantek
Sam Russem has been developing, managing, and providing consulting for Smart Manufacturing systems for 12 years in the Food and Beverage, Life Sciences, and Consumer Packaged Goods industries. As Senior Director of Smart Manufacturing Solutions at Grantek, he is responsible for Grantek’s strategy to develop solutions and deliver outcomes that leverage the latest technology to solve real manufacturing challenges. Sam is also the chairman for MESA International’s America’s board, leads the ISA’s Digital Twin committee, and was recently named one of Control Engineering Magazine’s Engineering Leaders Under 40.
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