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Sam Russem

Director of Smart Manufacturing Practice / Grantek Systems Integration Ltd.
Sam Russem is Director of Smart Manufacturing Practice at Grantek Systems Integration. Sam has been working in automation and Smart Manufacturing for 10 years and focuses on the strategic application of Industry 4.0 technologies for manufacturers. Grantek is an Ignition Premier Integrator and Ignition Enterprise Integrator. The Grantek team includes dozens of engineers across North America who are trained and certified in Ignition and the accompanying MES modules by Sepasoft.
Lean Six Sigma: Where Waste Reduction Meets Quality Improvement Sam Russem Mon, 05/20/2019 - 08:51

No matter which industry they’re in, industrial organizations should strive to make their processes as free from waste and inconsistency as possible. What program is best at helping them get there? Many manufacturers have found that a program known as Lean Six Sigma is the most effective methodology for continuously improving their processes. However, even when a company has decided to implement Lean Six Sigma, other questions can remain: What is the first step we should take? Who in the organization should be involved? How do we measure our progress? And, should software play a role?