Accelerate Anytime — ICC 2016 Sessions Unlocked for Free Viewing

It’s time to open up the Ignition Community Conference vaults once again! With ICC 2017 successfully wrapped up and ICC 2018 almost a year away, now is a good time to unlock access to all of the ICC 2016 session videos. Now anyone who’s interested can watch ICC 2016 sessions at anytime, no password required.

The session recordings from ICC 2016 — which was held in September of 2016 at the Harris Center in Folsom, California — consist of over 20 hours of content presented by experienced industrial professionals from Inductive Automation and other leading organizations in the industrial-automation space.

General Sessions

If you haven’t been to one of our conferences yet, these general-interest sessions are a nice introduction to what ICC is all about:

ICC 2016 - Accelerate - Steve Hechtman

  • The keynote presentation, “Accelerating the Evolution of Industrial Automation,” which was voted as the most popular session in our post-conference survey.
  • The closing panel and Ignition Firebrand Awards presentation, featuring the builders of winning projects selected from the 2016 Discover Gallery.
  • The developer panel, where our co-directors of software engineering discussed their ongoing efforts to build out Ignition’s distributed-architecture capabilities.

Beginner Sessions

If you’re a new or recent Ignition user, you’ll probably get the most of these sessions:

ICC 2016 - Accelerate - Integrator Panel

Intermediate Sessions

If you’ve got a solid knowledge of Ignition and want go beyond the basics, you’ll benefit from the following sessions:

ICC 2016 - Accelerate - Sepasoft Session

Advanced Sessions

If you’re a highly experienced Ignition user who’s ready for more technical subjects, you’ll appreciate these sessions:

ICC 2016 - Accelerate - Travis Cox

To access all the session videos in the ICC 2016 Archives, click here. ICC session videos from 2015, 2014, and 2013 can also be viewed for free on the ICC website. If you’d like to see the videos from ICC 2017 but didn’t attend, you can get access now by purchasing a Virtual Ticket.

While it’s great to able to watch sessions at your leisure, I have to say that there’s nothing quite like experiencing ICC in person. Some of the most interesting discussions happen spontaneously, in between sessions. That’s where attendees get to know each other and share the exciting projects they’re working on, interact with IA team members, and meet vendors who’ve joined the expanding Ignition ecosystem. So I hope watching these sessions will inspire you to join us at ICC 2018. We look forward to having some ICC 2018 news to tell you about in the near future. Until then, have fun exploring the ICC archives.

    David Dudley
    Co-Director of Marketing / Inductive Automation
    David joined the company in 2013, bringing his wordsmithing skills to its webinars, blog posts, newsletters, conferences, and more. Before becoming Co-Director of Marketing, David served as Marketing Communications & Content Manager for 7 years. In his current role, David directs the content, branding, and multimedia departments, and collaborates with other IA divisions and Ignition community members to produce valuable marketing assets. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication with emphasis in Advertising from California State University, Fullerton.
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