Announcing Build-a-Thon 2023: The Ultimate Ignition Quest

Build A Thon in a dark cavern.


Hear ye, hear ye! Gather 'round, for the time has come to unveil the grand spectacle that is the Build-a-Thon! As the sun rises and casts its radiant light upon the land, our fierce competitors prepare to engage in a battle of wit, skill, and ingenuity. This year's Build-a-Thon promises to be an adventure like no other. Join us as we embark on a journey through the mystical realm known as the Lands of Ignition to determine the two finalists that will compete live at ICC 2023.

As they race against time to conquer a series of challenges that will push the boundaries of their Ignition know-how, our final two competitors will face the ultimate test, challenging their knowledge and expertise in Ignition software at every turn. Only the swiftest and most cunning shall emerge victorious, earning the honor of progressing to the final challenge at the live Build-a-Thon.

Get Ready for Our Biggest Battle Yet

The selected Build-a-Thon competitors will duke it out for first place by completing 11 fantasy-themed challenges and traversing through the Lands of Ignition. Each challenge poses a unique set of problems to solve, encompassing numerous areas of expertise, ranging from MQTT to drivers to scripting and much more. With each completed challenge, the brave integrators will step closer to triumph.

The first two competitors to successfully complete all 11 challenges in the Lands of Ignition portion of the Build-a-Thon will advance to the final challenge – the live Build-a-Thon event at ICC 2023. There they will face an intense, two-day, in-person competition to build the winning project.

How to Apply

Premier Integrators who wish to compete in the Build-a-Thon must submit an application demonstrating their exceptional skills and contributions to the Ignition community. Let your achievements be known, and Inductive Automation's team will evaluate the submissions to select many worthy contenders to compete in the gauntlet.

Ready Yourselves and Make Haste!

The deadline to submit your application for the Build-a-Thon is June 29th, so mark the date! Prepare yourselves, Premier Integrators, for the journey of a lifetime awaits. Will you rise to the challenge and etch your name in the history of the Build-a-Thon?

If you wish to stay informed, be sure to look out for Inductive Automation’s News Feed and social media posts for regular updates on the Build-a-Thon. Apply here and let the adventure begin!

Don’t Forget about the Exchange Challenge!

We would also like to take this opportunity to formally announce this year’s Ignition Exchange Challenge. This challenge calls on our community to submit Ignition Exchange resources for the community to use.

You may be wondering: I can add free resources to help the rest of the Ignition community rapidly build amazing projects? How do I submit? What are the rules? Well, it’s quite simple: all you need to do is upload a new resource to the Ignition Exchange and have it approved before August 31st.

You may also be wondering: Well, what if I already submitted a resource this year? Congratulations! If your resource has been published to the Ignition Exchange anytime since ICC 2022, then it is automatically entered in this year’s Exchange Challenge.

If submitting a resource to help out the Ignition community isn’t enough motivation, all participants will receive an exclusive pair of Ignition Exchange socks! Even better, if you win the Exchange Challenge, we will feature your resource in the Ignition Exchange, the ICC recap newsletter, and as part of the Build-a-Thon.

We want to thank the Ignition community for participating in each event and making every year a year to remember. We are looking forward to seeing what the community has to offer. To get some inspiration and see what the Ignition community and Inductive Automation have already built, we invite you to check out the Ignition Exchange.

Travis Cox
Chief Technology Evangelist / Inductive Automation
Travis Cox started with Inductive Automation in 2004 and previously served in leadership roles in various divisions including Co-Director of Sales Engineering. In his current role as Chief Technology Evangelist, Travis builds relationships with industrial professionals to foster innovation and raise awareness of industry trends, modern technologies, open standards, and the many possibilities of the Ignition platform. Travis shares the company’s vision far and wide to increase the growth and reach of the global Ignition community. He shares his message through a variety of formats, including presenting at conferences and events, meetings with customers and industry leaders, and media interviews.