Celebrating Our Office Move With Ugly Sweaters & Yummy Cookies

The year is coming to a close and we’ve just made our big leap to the new Inductive Automation corporate headquarters. Last Friday, as we packed up the last of our belongings and bid farewell to our office at the Palladio, we also mixed in some cheerful fun with our third annual cookie bake-off and ugly holiday sweater contest.

This year’s ugly sweater/outfit contest brought some real competition. Participants showcased some of their best festive apparel, making it really tough to choose.

Check out this year’s entries:

IA Staff in ugly holiday sweaters


One person did prevail and took the title.

IA Ugly Holiday Sweater / Suit Winner - Joe Rosenkrans

While the holiday fashion choices were less than tasteful, the holiday cookie submissions were very tasty. This year’s cookie bake-off also saw some strong competition, with bakers bringing some serious cookie game. With so many varieties to choose from, voters had no choice but to sample the competing treats extensively.

Here are this year’s entries:

IA Cookie Bake-Off Entries
Left to right: Bourbon Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies, Christmas Tree Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Larfleez Cookies (Orange Cookies), Salted Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Pretzel Cookies, and Edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.

After some serious deliberation and pure cookie enjoyment, one cookie and baker took the prize.

Paolo Mariani - Cookie Bake-Off Winner

And with the holidays right around the corner, we asked the IA staff which cookie they liked the most and what their holiday plans are. Here are some notable highlights

Vanessa Walker - Account Services Representative
Accounts Services Representative

Cookie Choice:
"I really like the sugar cookie the best."

Plans for the Holidays:
"I plan to spend time with my family during the holidays."

Ryan Osterback - Finance Records Clerk
Finance Records Clerk

Cookie Choice:
"My favorite cookie was chocolate chip."

Plans for the Holidays:
"I will be going home to spend Christmas with my family."

Karthika Narayanan, Internal Systems Developer
Internal Systems Developer

Cookie Choice:
"I really like the Larfleez Cookies."

Plans for the Holidays:
"Spending time with family who are visiting from India."

Carlos Contreras, Software Support Engineer
Software Support Engineer

Cookie Choice:
"I liked the chocolate cookie the most."

Plans for the Holidays:
"Looking forward to spending time with family."

Amanda Karkar, Public Activities Assistant
Public Activities Assistant

Cookie Choice:
"I think the cookie dough bites were the best."

Plans for the Holidays:
"Spending Christmas with family and New Year’s in New York."

Peter Walker, Internal Systems Developer
Internal Systems Developer

Cookie Choice:
"My favorite was the sugar cookie."

Plans for the Holidays:
"Visiting family in Monterey for New Year’s."

Madeline Nahial, HR Assistant
HR Assistant

Cookie Choice:
"I really like the sugar cookie."

Plans for the Holidays:
"We are remodeling our home."

The ugly sweater contest and cookie-bake off were a fun way to say goodbye to the office that has been our home for the last four years. Now we look forward to settling into our new building and another successful year at Inductive Automation. Happy Holidays!

Arnell Ignacio
Marketing Technology Specialist / Inductive Automation
Arnell is the IA Blog Postmaster General and a Marketing Technology Specialist for Inductive Automation. He has over 14 years of experience in digital, content, and strategic marketing. Arnell’s experience spans across B2B organizations that specialize in M2M solutions, embedded hardware, industrial wireless technologies, and industrial controls software as well as the nonprofit sector. In his spare time, Arnell loves spending time with his family, enjoys being a musician, and is passionate about live sound amplification and woodworking.
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