Return To The Lands Of Ignition In The 2024 Build-a-Thon!

The lands of Ignition map for the Build-a-Thon.


Dungeons, dragons … and ducks? If you joined us last year for our fantasy-themed Build-a-Thon elimination challenges, then you’ll already be familiar with the Lands of Ignition, a faraway place where the only limitations are your imagination. For those of you who are unfamiliar with our online elimination challenges, this is how we determine which of the many worthy competitors will take the big stage during our 2024 Ignition Community Conference from September 17–19.

Whether you’re a returning explorer or an upstart adventurer, all Premier Integrators will have a shot at the greatest honor of all — competing in the live Build-a-Thon showdown! Only two competitors will progress to the live event, and only one team will reign victorious as the 2024 champions!


How To Embark On The Elimination Challenges

We invite all eligible Premier Integrators to sign up virtually by submitting an application to our portal here. Please assemble a team and make sure to sign up by the May 17th deadline. We’ll then select which of the applicants will compete. We hope you look forward to embarking on our grandest adventure yet!

The first two competitors to complete all of the elimination challenges will proceed to represent their firms onstage for the live Build-a-Thon.


Watch The Elimination Challenges In Real Time!

You don’t need to directly compete in the challenges to experience the Lands of Ignition! We invite adventurers, engineers, and dragons alike to join our livestream on August 1st to catch the elimination challenges, complete with live hosts, commentary, and an engaging chat to interact with the Ignition community.

Best of all, you can join us for free, so bring your friends and cheer on your favorite adventuring party!


Join Us For The Grand Finale At ICC!

Don’t forget to save the date for the live event on September 19th, where our final two competitors will fight for the glory of being crowned the champions of the 2024 ICC Build-a-Thon! Our finalists will have just two days to build a project for the entire world to behold.

So what are you waiting for? Assemble your party, equip yourself with the finest Ignition knowledge, and join us for our return to the Lands of Ignition!

Travis Cox
Chief Technology Evangelist / Inductive Automation
Travis Cox started with Inductive Automation in 2004 and previously served in leadership roles in various divisions including Co-Director of Sales Engineering. In his current role as Chief Technology Evangelist, Travis builds relationships with industrial professionals to foster innovation and raise awareness of industry trends, modern technologies, open standards, and the many possibilities of the Ignition platform. Travis shares the company’s vision far and wide to increase the growth and reach of the global Ignition community. He shares his message through a variety of formats, including presenting at conferences and events, meetings with customers and industry leaders, and media interviews.
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