The Discover Gallery at ICC Showcases Exceptional Real-World Ignition Projects


The Discover Gallery is one of our most popular ICC features every single year.

The 2018 Ignition Community Conference will be here before you know it, which means it’s almost time to see what our incredibly innovative community members from many different countries and industries have been building lately with Ignition.

Out of all the project submissions that we get, only a select few will be selected for inclusion in this year’s Discover Gallery at ICC, where they will have a chance to win a prestigious Ignition Firebrand Award.

Conference attendees who want a glimpse of what is possible with Ignition can visit the Discover Gallery to see demos of these projects, meet the thought leaders behind them, ask questions, get inspired, and discover new ways of using Ignition they had never thought of before.


What Are the Ignition Firebrand Awards, You Ask?

Every year, the most innovative projects in the Discover Gallery are given the additional honor of receiving an Ignition Firebrand Award. These awards are presented live at ICC to selected system integrators and industrial organizations whose work showcases the amazing potential of the Ignition platform. It’s inspiring to see what people can do as they innovate and build these creative and unique applications, so we want to celebrate their achievements.

At the conclusion of the conference, a representative from each of integrators and industrial organization that built a Firebrand-winning project receives a custom-made trophy and participates in a panel discussion about how their projects came about, how they overcame the challenges they faced, and their future plans with Ignition.


Discover Gallery 2017


Inductive Automation Team Members Pick Their Favorite Projects:

The experts from our community never fail to impress us with their incredible solutions, so I asked the IA staff which Ignition Discover Gallery projects stood out the most to them.

Unique White Box Quickly Reveals Valuable Data
Jim Meyers, our Success Manager who films the videos about the Firebrand-winning projects, said that his favorite was Vertech’s White Box project in 2016.



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I thought it was a great concept that was very well done. Vertech created a white box, which included Ignition, that could connect to anyone’s canning or bottling line, and could show real-time data. They could connect it all in one day, and they’d leave it there for three weeks and then the end user could get all kinds of data and insight into their production line that they could never see before. And it was at no cost to the end user. It was designed to show people what kind of data they were missing, and the people were always impressed with it.

— Jim Meyers, Success Manager

SCADA and More for Eight Road Tunnels
Bobby McKenzie, our Director of Training, said that one of his favorites was Bouygues Energies & Services project in 2017.


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I like the tunnel project for a few reasons. One is the industry; it shows us breaking into the transit systems where we haven't been yet as far as I know. They also have a lot of well-laid-out screens that show a ton of information without overcrowding and washing it all out into background noise. And behind the scenes they are bringing a lot of information together from unrelated sources.

— Bobby McKenzie, Director of Training

Building Materials Facility Goes 3D with Ignition
Kevin McClusky, our Co-Director of Sales Engineering, said that Lafarge’s 3D project from 2015 stood out the most to him.


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In addition to doing some really cool graphics, it also shows off the flexibility of the platform. Ignition doesn't have any built-in 3D capabilities, but through the Ignition Module SDK, Lafarge was able to create the visualizations they needed to peer under the earth and properly direct their mining operations.

— Kevin McClusky, Co-Director of Sales Engineering

Companies Who’ve Showcased Their Ignition Projects in the Discover Gallery:

• Magnetrol International, Inc
• Miller-Eads
• Vertech
• Bouygues Energies & Services
• Kymera Systems
• Pioneer Natural Resources
• SugarCreek
• Brown Engineers, LLC
• Automation Solutions Ecuador
• Cumulus Consulting
• Multi-Dimensional Integration
• ATS Applied Tech Systems
• Eramosa Engineering Inc
• PVHardware
• Automation Station
• Casne Engineering
• Overbridge Technology
• Innovatronica
• Tyrion Integration Services
• Elcontrol
• Innovative SCADA
• Lafarge
• Autex S.A.
• Kasa Konnection
• Tamaki Control
• FEPROM Solutions
• HTC High Tech Consultant SRL
• Trimax Systems
• Martin CSI
• Bixby International
• Canberra
• ILS Automation
• Tactical Controls, LLC
• Ashley Automation & Technology
• PB Automation
• Cofely - GDF SUEZ
• ECS Solutions
• Integrated Automation Ltd.
• Andritz Automation


Feeling Bad For Missing Out?

If you haven’t been to our conference before, or did attend but didn’t have enough time to see all of our amazing gallery entries, then you can still see the archived videos for these projects on our ICC website. There, you can also read the general overview, scope info, presenter bios, challenges, solutions, and final results of the project.


Discover Gallery 2017 Award Winners


Will You Be Our Next Firebrand Award Winner?

If you have an innovative Ignition project that you’d like to submit for consideration, download the Discover Gallery submission form.

We can’t wait to see what innovative community members like you have accomplished with Ignition.

Joanna Cortez
Multimedia Manager / Inductive Automation
Joanna Cortez is the Multimedia Manager for Inductive Automation. She has been a valued member of the marketing department for 11 years, providing any and all video content, both internally and externally. She’s created many different videos over the years including animated explainer videos, event promos, the Pitch series, and company culture content, but is most proud of creating content for ICC like the Build-A-Thon videos. She is a proud mother of two, and spends most of her free time drawing, reading manga, playing soccer, and challenging everyone to foosball.
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