The Ignition Effect Is Going Social — And We Want to Hear Your Story

The Ignition Effect is Going Social — And We Want to Hear Your Story


I find connections fascinating, and it’s not lost on me there’s a strong connection between things that make connections.

Ignition connects people, programs, and processes like a boss. You already know this.

Social media is a masterful medium for making connections too, and Inductive Automation sees these long-running themes on our socials as a great way to extend conversations.

The story of Ignition is an interesting one that I’m proud to say is constantly growing and evolving. That’s partly because of its unlimited nature, but it’s mostly because of you — the Ignition community.

Combining the power of Ignition with the networking of social media helps us connect, educate, grow, and inspire each other as a community. Plus, it’s a great way to spread the word and share our thoughts, feelings, and triumphs of Ignition with the world.


One Historical Hashtag, Many Diverse Definitions

In 2023, we asked for your help explaining what Ignition is with the #WhatTheHeckIsIgnition campaign. Because the Ignition community is the best, you did not disappoint.

It has been a great success, and I wish to say ‘thank you’ to all who participated. With that said, #WhatTheHeckIsIgnition is approaching the one-year mark and will no longer be actively promoted after December 31, 2023.

Don’t worry, #WhatTheHeckIsIgnition is not going to hashtag heaven. You can still post to the hashtag and see others’ entries, and I encourage you to do so. We’re simply shifting our main focus to an exciting new topic that looks more at the overall effect Ignition has on people, companies, and industries.


Thanks for the Memories (Highlights from WTHII)


Thanks for the Memories (Highlights from WTHII)

The #WhatTheHeckIsIgnition campaign has been a wild and entertaining one. I’ve been impressed with the flood of candid, creative, and insightful entries. But I can’t say I’m surprised, given the resourceful nature of this community.

Your posts ran the gamut from graphics and memes to visualize Ignition, to custom songs and haikus to put it to rhyme and rhythm. Ignition may have even joined pop culture lexicon with comparisons of comic-book metaphors illustrating Ignition’s superpowers, or its transformative nature mirroring those giant shape-shifting robots.

Heck, it was even described as being as joyful as a Bob Ross painting exercise. That was no mistake, now let’s add some happy little automation platforms right … there.

My point is that your entries have not only confirmed held beliefs, but also have given IA and the Ignition community many ways to think differently about Ignition and see it in a new light.

Here are a few of our favorite #WhatTheHeckIsIgnition entries from my friends and colleagues, in no particular order:

  • Neels Van Der Walt (MSc) of Iritron (Pty) Ltd, sends the campaign into orbit with “Ignition, Lift-Off. From the edge to the enterprise, Ignition is a scalable, modern, flexible, and cost effective industrial platform … a rocket ship that launches operations into new and unexplored territory.”
  • Jim LaPratt of Artek Integrated Solutions says "It's a Master key to all challenges.” Well, that’s perfect because Ignition truly does open the door to unlimited possibilities.
  • The folks at AT-Automation B.V. say “It’s like magic, but real,” while Kyle Pillay of PCS Global Ltd. takes the enchanting praise a step further and compares it to a magic wand or a spell “to control all the magical devices in your castle.”
  • Steve Perry of Bulldog Automation says Ignition is “Freedom,” while Nicole Coope of Kanoa Consulting describes it as "Revolutionary.” Hear, hear! We’re all about shaking things up!
  • Daniël C. of Darner Engineering (PTY) Ltd says it’s a “spider web of platforms for your plant,” because it’s web-based and connects everything in your operations with Ignition at the center. Even if you’re arachnophobic, you have to admit this analogy has legs. (Perhaps eight?)
  • Arnaud De Clerck of Spiromatic says he’s not sure the sky is actually Ignition’s limit because “I was in the sky, but never found the limit.” That’s high praise from Arnaud, but I’m glad he’s back on the ground.


Cause and (Ignition) Effect

Now, I am once again asking for your help defining the seemingly undefinable. Actually, instead of defining Ignition as a product or tool, I propose this time we share stories and anecdotes that zoom in on the influence Ignition has on yourself, your workplace, or your industry.

The Ignition Effect began as a video series featuring real people whose lives and careers have positively and profoundly changed by working with Ignition. While the video series is continuing, we are expanding The Ignition Effect into a social-media campaign that gives many more people the chance to share how Ignition has elevated their jobs and industries.

As you think about your personal Ignition Effect story, try not to limit it to any single business or personal impact. Instead, I invite you to consider the ripple effect Ignition has on everything from personal careers and company hiring practices, to community service projects, or education and training.

How does it empower your workforce? Or maybe it’s opened doors to more solutions … and more business?

So again I ask, ponder what Ignition does for you and/or your organization, and tell me what effect that has on the people and programs involved.


Storytelling Time: Share Your Ignition Stories

As its tagline says, The Ignition Effect is all about real stories from real people. Since you’re a real person, we’d love you to share your real stories and insights about the real-world impacts of Ignition.

Share your stories using the #IgnitionEffect hashtag and don't forget to tag us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I'll be reading each one of them, and the IA team will be selecting several to feature at ICC 2024!

Additionally, your post could be featured on Inductive Automation's social media accounts:

We can’t wait to see what you’ll post in 2024!

Travis Cox
Chief Technology Evangelist / Inductive Automation
Travis Cox started with Inductive Automation in 2004 and previously served in leadership roles in various divisions including Co-Director of Sales Engineering. In his current role as Chief Technology Evangelist, Travis builds relationships with industrial professionals to foster innovation and raise awareness of industry trends, modern technologies, open standards, and the many possibilities of the Ignition platform. Travis shares the company’s vision far and wide to increase the growth and reach of the global Ignition community. He shares his message through a variety of formats, including presenting at conferences and events, meetings with customers and industry leaders, and media interviews.
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