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Johnny Chen

Solutions Architect / OnLogic
Johnny Chen is a Solutions Architect for OnLogic, a global leader in the design and manufacture of industrial computer hardware for IoT applications. Johnny collaborates with OnLogic's growing ecosystem of hardware and software partners to provide clients with holistic solutions to their technology challenges, including OnLogic's line of automation hardware that ships with Ignition Onboard. With nearly 20 years of Product Development experience, Johnny helps empower hardware users with the tools they need to ensure project success.
Edge Computing’s Essential Role in Digital Transformation Johnny Chen Tue, 11/17/2020 - 07:36
Editor’s Note: At Inductive Automation, we like to engage in conversations with other thought leaders in the industrial space. Recently, our marketing content team had the opportunity to interview Johnny Chen, the Solutions Architect for OnLogic, which is a leading maker of built-to-last industrial computers and a partner in the Ignition Onboard program. See what Johnny has to say about edge computing, digital transformation, and other timely topics.