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Arlen Nipper

President and CTO / Cirrus Link Solutions
Arlen Nipper has been designing embedded computer hardware, software, and solutions for 40 years. Arlen graduated from Oklahoma State University and started his career working with Koch Oil. Arlen was key to the implementation of their first pipeline SCADA system. He went on to lead as President and CTO of a successful startup technology company called NovaTech providing design and integration services using embedded computer technology. In 1998, he co-invented MQTT, a widely adopted IIoT protocol used across industries, designed to optimize and make use of data for both OT and IT. NovaTech later became Arcom Control System and then finally Eurotech Inc. Arlen is currently the co-founder and President/CTO of Cirrus Link Solutions. Throughout his career, he has been an industry leader advancing SCADA technology including hardware design, software design, and overall SCADA infrastructure solutions. But in recent years he has stepped back from just the hardware/software aspects of embedded systems and started to view the entire ecosystem of hardware, software, security, infrastructure, IT, and ultimately the people being served by this hugely interesting, emerging Internet of Things.