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Carl Gould and Jason Waits

Chief Technology Officer and Chief Information Security Officer / Inductive Automation
Carl Gould
Carl Gould is Chief Technology Officer at Inductive Automation. As CTO, Carl is responsible for the overall technical strategy and roadmap for the company and its products. Carl has been with the company from the ground up as one of the original creators of Ignition. His work over the years in leadership roles, including Director of Software Engineering, has been instrumental to the development of Ignition and to the company's rapid growth. Today, Carl continues to innovate new ways to elevate the software, the company, and the manufacturing automation industry as a whole.

Jason Waits
Jason Waits started at Inductive Automation in 2016 and previously served as Cyber Security Risk Officer and Director of IT/Cyber Security. In his current role as Chief Information Security Officer, Jason continues to strengthen the company’s cyber security stance by maintaining a central and high-level view into the needs of our entire ecosystem, and works to continually protect all of the company’s products, data, and digital assets from cybersecurity threats. Jason has a Bachelor’s of Science in Information Technology from Western Governors University and is completing his Master's in Information Security Engineering from the SANS Technology Institute. Jason was also part of the first-place team in 2017 US Cyber Challenge and received a letter of recommendation from the Department of Homeland Security for his efforts.