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Prasad Tarapure

Ignition Community Member / Industry 4.0 & Automation Professional
Prasad Tarapure, is an Industry 4.0 & Automation Professional with a passion for driving digital transformation with a focus on unlocking business value for the organization. Prasad holds over 18 years of experience & has led several turnkey projects globally, with Fortune 500 organizations in the various domains such as manufacturing, e-commerce, life science, cybersecurity for automotive, and more.
Connecting Dots: Ignition And The Automation Pyramid Prasad Tarapure Wed, 03/06/2024 - 09:12
By visually representing the different levels as an Automation Pyramid, also called the Purdue Model or ISA 95, and describing how the Ignition software platform integrates across all its levels, this post aims to showcase how devices of any brand or type can work together harmoniously — whether you're dealing with field-level devices, controlling devices, monitoring tools, planning systems, or management software.