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Bringing Intelligence to the Edge

Ignition Edge Compute allows you to run scripts and create REST APIs for interfacing with third-party applications from the edge. It’s ideal for adding powerful intelligence and web services to your edge-of-network device.

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Intelligence at the Edge of the Network

Unlock the power of scripting on your edge-of-network device. Ignition Edge Compute gives your edge devices the ability to run scripts without the need to depend on the central server.

Leverage Web Services

Ignition Edge Compute includes features which allow you to program directly against the web server in the Ignition Edge Gateway. This will give you the ability to host web pages and create full-fledged REST APIs allowing external systems to interact with the Ignition server.

OPC UA Connectivity

For easy PLC connections, all Ignition Edge solutions come with unlimited tags and are equipped with native drivers. Ignition Edge acts as an OPC UA server when used with the included Ignition native drivers and can connect to an OPC UA server as an OPC UA client. External access (from a third party) to Ignition Edge’s OPC UA server requires Edge IIoT.

See the included native drivers

Totally Cross-Platform

Ignition Edge works seamlessly with Ignition and on Linux, any version of Windows, on macOS, and more, so you can install it on virtually any industrial device1. With support for ARM processors, Ignition Edge can also run on devices like Raspberry Pi or the latest generation of efficient edge-of-network devices.

Mix and Match with Other Ignition Edge Products

Use Ignition Edge Compute2, Panel, IIoT, Sync Services, or EAM3 on a single device, or mix and match them to create powerful solutions for your specific needs.

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