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News / July 06, 2009

Did you know? FactorySQL can be used as a device aggregator

Did you know?

Factory SQL can be used as a device aggregator. An Inductive Automation System Integrator is using FactorySQL to collect real-time data from multiple scales and hundreds of barcode scanners without a PLC, using the free UDP Plug-in. Using a PLC to do this would require string manipulation. While some scanners are serial, most are now Ethernet-ready, and plugging in hundreds of them is an easy task. Scales are usually so far away from the PLC that they cannot be plugged in easily. To collect this data, you can use a Serial to Ethernet convertor box (we like the B&B ES1A Ethernet to RS-232 Convertor, available at and the UDP Plug-In for FactorySQL.

To find out how click on the link below...

Using the UDP plugin